Sunday Sessions (18 March)

Session 17: 8:30am - 10:00am

17.01 Literature, Trauma, and Healing: Refusing to Silence the Discourse II
Chair: Rachel N. Spear, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
“Let Seizing Truths Lie: Witnessing Factions in Lauren Slater’s Lying
Eden Wales Freedman, University of New Hampshire
“‘A Million Porcupines Screaming in the Dark’: Teaching Traumatic Texts with an ‘Ethics of Care’”
Tara Hyland-Russell, St. Mary’s University College
“Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking: Healing as Process, Healing as Product?”
Elizabeth Stone, Fordham College at Lincoln Center
“Saving Self and Others in Telling: Stories, Survivor Rhetoric, and Social Change”
Rachel N. Spear, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Highland Room A
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17.02 Sex, Blood, and Hybridity: The Discourse of Racial Anxiety in Antebellum Writing
Chair: Rebecca Williams, CUNY Graduate Center
“An ‘insatiable brass throat’: The (Im)materiality of Voice in Webb’s The Garies and Their Friends
Diego Millan, Tufts University
“‘It Tells a Story to the Eye’: Photography and Visualizations of Racial Anxiety”
Julia Munro, Georgia Institute of Technology
“The Metaphysics of Miscegenation: Identity and Alterity in Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
Donald Rodrigues, University of Rhode Island
“Negrophobia: Rogers, Douglass, Cartwright, and the ‘Color’ of Blood”
Rebecca Williams, Graduate Center-CUNY
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Highland Room B
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17.03 Sexuality and Spirituality in Eighteenth-century German Literature
Chair: Eleanor ter Horst, Clarion University
“Subversion of Gender Norms and Queer Spirituality in German-speaking Colonial Pennsylvania”
Rick Chamberlin, Lebanon Valley College
“Sacher-Masoch’s Fictional Intercourse with the Female Leader of a Russian Old Believer Sect”
Stephanie Weismann, Universität Wien
“Concepts of Femininity in the Spiritual Autobiography of Johanna Eleonora Petersen”
Sophie Alexander, Columbia University
“Conversion through Seduction: Christoph Martin Wieland’s Geschichte des Agathon
Peter Erickson, University of Chicago
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Highland Room C
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17.04 Transnational Negotiation in the Cross-cultural Remake
Chair: Gohar Siddiqui, Syracuse University
“‘Identify the Market and Serve It What It Likes’: Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Comes to America”
Branden Buehler, University of Southern California
“Blood Spatter and Trickledown: Let Me In and the Limits of Neoliberal Pop Culture”
Guy Witzel, SUNY Buffalo
“Time Travel Romance Across Cultures: Il Mare (Lee Hyun-Seung) and The Lake House (Alejandro Agresti)”
Sooyoung Chung, Independent Scholar
“Comedy in the Transnational Remake: Bollywood, Queerness, and Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana
Gohar Siddiqui, Syracuse University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Highland Room D
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17.05 New Approaches to the Contemporary Narrative of Slavery II
Chair: Veronica T. Watson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“‘Intolerable Invisibility’ of Whiteness: Morrison’s A Mercy and the Literature of White Exposure”
Veronica T. Watson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“The Property of Self: Embodiment and Possession in Valerie Martin’s Property
Jennifer L. Gorman, Duquesne University
“(Re)Viewing the Promiseland in Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes
Sherry Johnson, Grand Valley State University
“Voices, Construction and Documentation: NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!, a Contemporary Slave Narrative”
James McCorkle, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Highland Room E
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17.06 Politics of Theatre: Challenging Authority, Defying Conventions (Seminar)
Chair: Gloria Pastorino, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“Il ruolo urbano dell’edificio teatrale nella Genova del XIX e XX secolo”
Gian Luca Porcile, Independent Scholar
“From ‘The Lady Is For Discarding’ to the ‘Lord Who Should Be’: Fo’s Journey to the Berlusconi Era”
Gloria Pastorino, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“A-Political Politics: Language, Bodies, and ‘Sicilianess’ in the Theatre of Emma Dante”
Francesca Spedalieri, Ohio State University
“Authority and Festa in Verdi’s Traviata”
Michela Ronzani, Brown University
“Italian Expressionism: Dallapiccola’s Il Prigioniero (1944-1948)”
Emily Bell, University of Florida
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Highland Room F
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17.07 Ecospirituality and American Social Change
Chair: Chad Wriglesworth, St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo
“Deep Wading with the Water Deepening: Hemingway and Ecospirituality”
Christopher Loots, Mercy College
“Field Cries of the Spirit: Eco-embodiment in George Wylie Henderson’s Ollie Miss
Christin M. Taylor, University of Maryland
“A Refuge not So Far From God: Ana Castillo and Terry Tempest Williams’ Spiritual Ecologies”
Kim Bowers, University of Saint Francis
“A Vision of Sustainable Grace: Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow
Lucas J. Sheaffer, Temple University
Highland Room G
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17.08 The Catholic Imagination in Literature II
Chair: Jane Bethune, Salve Regina University
“Redefining Catholicism: God and Sin in Desolation Angels
Erin Rodino, Marist College
“Josef Pieper in Harmony with Modernist Philosophical Thought in T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’”
Eric Matthew Bledsoe, Florida State University
“Muriel Spark’s Modernist Catholicism and the Structure of Authorship”
Jacob Hovind, Towson University
“Inscape, Haecceity, Poetry: Hopkins, Scotus, and the Paradox of the Singular”
Greg Sevik, Binghamton University
Highland Room H
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17.09 Filming Shakespeare(s) I
Chair: Phillip Zapkin, West Virginia University
“‘He was a bum…He was a beautiful bum’: Mimetic Rivalry and the Scapegoating of Falstaff”
Colin Cox, King College
“Radford’s Shylock: A Contemporary Recasting”
Dani Walsh, University of Vermont
“Anything Girls Can Do, Boys Can Do Better: Twelfth Night and She’s the Man
Trisha Jo Haber, Dixie State College of Utah
“‘When no man was his own’: inter-dramatic doubling in The Tempest
Erin Weinberg, Queen’s University
Highland Room J
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17.10 Writing Canadian Cities II
Chair: Brandon McFarlane, University of Toronto
“Beyond the Multiculture: Vernacular Cosmopolitanisms in Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For
Joanne Leow, University of Toronto
“Sinclair Ross’ Sodom-on-the St. Lawrence: Auguries of Homophobia and Homoeroticism.”
Nat Hardy, Savannah State University
“Revised Vancouver”
Elena Siemens, University of Alberta
“The Crisis of Economic Nationalism and Douglas Durkin’s The Magpie
Brandon McFarlane, University of Toronto
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Highland Room K
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17.11 Issues in Diversity in Teaching: The Arabic Model (Roundtable)
Chair: Lora Lunt, SUNY Potsdam
“Pros and Cons of Teaching Dialects and Immersion Challenges”
Brahim El Gualbi, Swarthmore College
“Fostering Fluency and Cultural Diversity through Social Networking, and Literacy with the Web”
Nassera Khalida Boumghar, Plattsburgh State University
“Issues in Teaching Arabic Pronunciation in American Schools: Challenges and Rewards”
Ghassan Husseinali, George Mason University
“The Challenges in Teaching Advanced Reading and Writing in Arabic”
Mbarek Sryfi, University of Pennsylvania
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Aqueduct Room AB
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17.12 Masculinity in Superhero Comic Books and Films II
Chair: Nathaniel Doherty, SUNY Stony Brook
“From Superman to Spider-Man, From Masculinity to Manhood”
Harry Brod, University of Northern Iowa
“Sonic Windows into the Psyche of the Comic Book Superhero in Superman and Batman Begins
Daniel Robinson, SUNY Buffalo
“Holding out for a Hero: Gender and the Hero in Gaiman’s The Sandman
Georgia Natishan, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“The Mask I Cling To, The Life That I Cannot Let Go: Nite Owl’s Crisis of Identity in Watchmen
Katy Kress, Old Dominion University
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Aqueduct Room CD
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17.13 All About Eve: Representations of Eve in Contemporary French Fiction
Chair: Elizabeth Berglund Hall, Ithaca College
“Le péché social dans Moderato Cantabile
Dany Jacob, SUNY Buffalo
“Garden of Destruction: Female Abjection and Vengeance in Ananda Devi’s Ève de ses décombres
Adrienne Angelo, Auburn University
“Interrupting Eve: The Disruptive Discourse of Hélène Cixous’s Mother”
Elizabeth Berglund Hall, Ithaca College
Cascade Room A
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17.14 Childhood and Adolescence in Contemporary Women’s Autobiographies in French
Chair: Anna Rocca, Salem State University
“Narrating Algerian Childhoods: Assia Djebar, Leïla Sebbar and Nina Bouraoui”
Ann-Sofie Persson, University of Linköping
“Acts of Transgression in Nathalie Sarraute’s Enfance and Marguerite Duras’s L’Amant
Carrie Landfried, Franklin & Marshall College
“Losing Maman and Assuming Motherhood: Mauvaise fille by Justine Lévy”
Jane Evans, University of Texas-El Paso
“Nina Bouraoui and the Empowerment of Ageing”
Anna Rocca, Salem State University
Cascade Room B
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17.15 The Notion of Friendship in Dante and Medieval Italian Writers II
Chair: Francesco Caruso, Johns Hopkins University
“Patrons as Friends: Dante and Cangrande”
Elizabeth Coggeshall, Stanford University
“Friendship by Hearsay in Purgatorio XXII”
Brittany Asaro, University of California-Los Angeles
“To Love and Be Loved: Friendship and Petrarch’s Vernacular Works”
Elizabeth Anderson, Independent scholar
Cascade Room C
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17.16 20th Century Irish Women Writers II
Chair: Betsy Woerner, University of Rochester
“Kate O’Brien, ‘Avant-Gardisme,’ and the Anxiety of Influence”
Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, Marist College
“Northern Irish Women Writers O’Riordan, Madden and Devlin: Ruination, Exile and Retreat”
Tara Harney-Mahajan, University of Connecticut
“Remaking the Past in Jennifer Johnston’s The Invisible Worm and The Illusionist
Mara Reisman, Northern Arizona University
“The Persistence of Place in Marina Carr’s Midlands Plays
Frederick Waage, East Tennessee State University
Cascade Room D
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17.17 América Latina escondida: descubriendo a autores y países olvidados II
Chair: Mario Valero, Kean University
“Buscando la nación en la Amazonía peruana- el caso de Hildebrando Fuentes a principios del siglo XX”
Cristobal Cardemil Krause, Rutgers University
“Chacota de Caínes”
Francisco Villena, Iona College
“Gioconda Belli’s Literary Vision of Reconciliation between Indigenous and Sandinista”
Courtney Polidori, The College of New Jersey
“Saudades de Brasil: utopias de la modernizacion”
Mario Valero, Kean University
Cascade Room E
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17.18 Cognitive Approaches to Literature II
Chair: Linda Martin, Boston College
“Cognitive Approaches to Ethnic American Literature: Pitfalls and Possibilities”
James Donahue, SUNY
“The Pleasure of the Intertext: Analogy as the Core of Adaptation”
Megan Tarquinio, Northeastern University
“The Dark Places of Psychology: Consciousness Theory in The Waves
Linda Martin, Boston College
“Language and Cognition in Joyce’s Ulysses
Barry Spence, University of Massachusetts
Cascade Room F
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Session 18: 10:15am - 12:15pm

18.01 Upstate New York and Early African American Expression (Seminar)
Chair: Jonathan Senchyne, Cornell University
“William Allen, Mary King, and Upstate New York Fugitivity”
Brigitte Fielder, Cornell University
“Two Views of Frederick Douglass and the Importance of Rochester, New York”
Hugh Egan, Ithaca College
“A Free Soil Jeremiad: James M. Whitfield’s Environmental Antislavery Poetics”
James Finley, University of New Hampshire
“Reading Hearts Not Books: Affective Literacy and Public Sentiment in Early African American Writing”
Tara Bynum, Towson University
“Buffalo’s Bloodhound: Early African American Literature and the Ghost of Millard Fillmore”
Nicholas Mohlmann, Purdue University
“Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass’ Self-constructions and the Equal Rights Movement, 1868-70”
Julie Husband, University of Northern Iowa
Highland Room A
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18.02 Methodologies of Amateur Theatre Studies (Seminar)
Chairs: Mary Isbell, University of Connecticut-Storrs; Robin C. Whittaker, St. Thomas University
“Limelight in the Parlor: An Inquiry into Theatre Technology for Parlor Theatricals”
Eileen Curley, Marist College
“‘Getting Up’ a Play: Children and At-home Theatricals in Victorian England”
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey, University of Toronto
“The Aesthetics of Amateur Theatricals: Private Performances of the Public Repertoire”
Mary Isbell, University of Connecticut-Storrs
“Defending the Archive: Amateur Theatre in New South Wales Regional Communities 1945-1970”
Janet McGaw, University of Sydney
“A Sustainable Livelihoods Framework and the Regina Little Theatre”
Ian McWilliams, University of Regina
“Daly’s Debutantes: Amateur Performers on the Professional Stage”
Sharon Reid, University of Toronto
“Processes of Theatrical Reconstruction: Revisiting Herman Voaden’s Hill-land in Modern Production”
Grace Smith, University of Toronto
“Beyond the Bars: A Theory of Prison Theatre Production”
Jean Trounstine, Middlesex Community College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Highland Room B
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18.03 Reimagining Peer Review in the Composition Classroom (Seminar)
Chair: Stephanie André, Central Oregon Community College
“Closing the Loop: Turning Peer Review into Peer Collaboration”
Michael Cadwallader, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“Establishing the Genre of Peer Review to Create New Rhetorical Knowledge”
Elizabeth Parfitt, Emerson College
“From Page to Stage and Back Again: The Folger Shakespeare Philosophy in the Composition Classroom”
Scott O’Neil, University of Rochester
“An Audience of One’s Peers: Peer Review in the Computer-mediated Classroom”
Phoebe Jackson, William Paterson University
“Resistant Readers and Collaborative Writers in Composition Courses’ Peer Review Routines”
Burke Scarbrough, University of Rochester
“Maximizing Engaged Response: Face-to-face and Virtual Peer Review”
Lesley Broder, Kingsborough Community College-CUNY
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided)
Highland Room C
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18.04 Transnational Literatures, Gender, and State Power (Seminar)
Chair: Joan Conwell, East Carolina University
This is Chaos: A Miraculous Awakening of a Nation upon Being Inspired by the Film Arts”
Lamya Ramadan, Prince Sultan University College for Women
“Repression, Resistance, and Reconciliation in the Texts of African Women Activists”
Courtney L. Thompson, Dickinson College
“Queer Citizens and Quiet Men: Interrogating Masculinity in Films of War, Occupation and Genocide”
Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem, Kingsborough Community College-CUNY
“The Specter of Citizenship: Gender, Labor, and Migration in Nadine Gordimer’s The Pickup
Neelofer Qadir, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Gender Violence as Translation: Lessons on Transnational Literature in Suyin’s And the Rain My Drink
Fiona Lee, CUNY Graduate Center
“The Transnational and the Subversive: Three Women Writers of the Americas”
Gema Ortega, Saint Xavier University
“Brave New Worlds: Gender and Racial Protocols in Andrea Lee’s Transnational Fiction”
Laura C. Williams, University of Maryland-College Park
“Reframing God Dies by the Nile: Feminist Writing, Social Consciousness and the Egyptian Revolution”
Morani Kornberg-Weiss, SUNY Buffalo
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Highland Room D
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18.05 Diagnosis Violence: American Novelists’ Search for Causes (Seminar)
Chair: Elizabeth Abele, SUNY Nassau Community College
“Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!: Violence and Modernist Aesthetics”
Jordan Hobson, Georgia State University
“Cormac McCarthy’s American West, MacIntyre’s Modernity, and the Tragic Origins of Violence”
Benjamin Mangrum, University of North Carolina
“Consigning the Frontier in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian or The Evening Redness in the West
Theo Finigan, University of Alberta
“‘The Curse and the Doom of the New World’: Locating Junot Díaz’s fukú in American Literary History”
Benjamin Railton, Fitchburg State University
“Environmental Anxieties: American Violence, Entertainment, and the Ecology of Infinite Jest
Tara Leederman, California State University-Fullerton
“Children of Sadistic Men: Contemporary Violence in Donald Barthelme’s and Kathy Acker’s Fiction”
Cristina Ionica, University of Western Ontario
“The Spoils of War: Psychological, Physical and Environmental Violence in J. Robert Lennon’s Castle
Nicole Merola, Rhode Island School of Design
“Shahrazadian Gesture in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Crescent and Laila Halaby’s Once in a Promised Land
Mazen Naous, College of Wooster
Highland Room E
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18.06 Homosexual Women in Italian Literature, Cinema and other Media (Seminar)
Chair: Erika Papagni, University of Toronto
“Breaking the Code: Lesbian Existence in Dacia Maraini’s ‘Donna in Guerra’ and ‘Lettere a Marina’”
Maria Morelli, University of Leicester
“Xq28 Gene Gay: Futuro ed evoluzione dell’umanità. Impatto sociologico e altre implicazioni”
Anna Rita Forcione, Università La Sapienza
“Censura-Fantasma nei cartoni animati”
Katia Radaelli, University of Toronto
Sexual Diversity in Organizational Settings: Across Space and Time
Chris Cooper, McGill University
“Omosessualità femminile nei Media”
Erika Papagni, University of Toronto
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Highland Room F
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18.07 Public Forms, Private Lives: Genre and Gender in Early Modern England (Seminar)
Chairs: Timothy Zajac, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Stephanie Pietros, Fordham University
“Hobbes, Rakes, and Privacy: Laughter on the Restoration Stage”
Anthony Brano, Fordham University
“Friendship’s Throne: Sovereignty and Female Community in the Poetry of Katherine Philips”
Erin Casey, SUNY Albany
“The Heroic Cot: Anne Bradstreet’s Public Private Elegies”
Louisa Hall, University of Texas-Austin
“Public Persons, Private Deeds: Shakespeare’s Cymbeline and the Theory of Tragicomedy”
Christine Lee, Harvard University
“A Public Life Staged in Private: Anne Halkett’s Transformation of the Occasional Meditation”
Sara A. Murphy, Columbia University
“Intersections of the Performative/‘Public’ and Intimate/‘Private’: Lady Mary Wroth’s Household Drama”
Lindsay Yakimyshyn, University of Alberta
“Gender, Genre, and Empire in The Tragedy of Mariam
Judy Park, Loyola Marymount University
Highland Room G
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18.08 Looking at the Past, Defining the Present: Colonial and Postcolonial Identities (Seminar)
Chairs: Evelyn Scaramella, Manhattan College; Samira Hassa, Manhattan College
“Recovering the Ruins of al-Andalus: Sephardic and Arabic Identity in Modern Spanish Colonial Texts”
Evelyn Scaramella, Manhattan College
“Editing the City’s Text: Memory and National Identity in Post-colonial Moroccan Street Names”
Samira Hassa, Manhattan College
“Can Switzerland be Read (and Understood) Through a Postcolonial Lens?”
Jonathan Gosnell, Smith College
“Contested Identities in Contemporary France: Tati’s 50th Anniversary Commission”
Marie Lortie, University of Toronto
“Conjugating Slave Revolts with the Enlightenment in Spanish American Political Imagination”
Marc Olivier Reid, St. Lawrence University
“(Re)presentations in Indigenous Women’s Theatre”
Sarah MacKenzie, University of Ottawa
Highland Room H
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18.09 The Undead (Seminar)
Chairs: Bianca Tredennick, SUNY Oneonta; Lindsay Bryde, Adelphi University
“Move Over Dracula; There’s a New Vamp in Town: Twilight and Adaptation”
Miranda Baird, Independent Scholar
“The Vampire Paradigm: Vampiric Corporeality in the Anglo-American Gothic Tradition from 1816-2011”
Ana-Gratiela Gal, University of Memphis
“Becoming-Vampire as Becoming-Image in HBO’s True Blood
Kimberly Jackson, Florida Gulf Coast University
“‘The Return of the Undead Subject: From Philosophical Zombies to Kirkman’s The Walking Dead
Mark Pedretti, Case Western Reserve University
“Two Visions of Undeath”
Connor Pitetti, Stony Brook University
“Isolation and Power in Vampire Novels: How Facebook Could Have Saved Them All”
Grace Siciliano, Adelphi University
“Picture Book for the Patriarchy: Locating the Queer Voice in The Walking Dead
Jarred Wiehe, University of Connecticut
Highland Room J
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18.10 Food and the French (Seminar)
Chair: Priya Wadhera, Adelphi University
“Cooking the Literary: the Japanese Salad in A la recherche du temps perdu
Michael D. Becker, University of Rhode Island
“Starving the Novel: Theory and Practice in Sarraute’s L’ère du soupçon and Les fruits d’or
Kathryn Rose, Harvard University
“‘Privés de repas du soir’: Meals and memories in Georges Perec’s W ou Le Souvenir d’Enfance
Priya Wadhera, Adelphi University
“‘Manger, c’est le propre de l’homme’: François Rabelais et Amélie Nothomb”
Nancy Erickson, University of Southern Maine
“Anchovies, Bread, Couscous: the Gustatory Impulse in Pagnol and Kechiche”
Bruce Robinson, Independent Scholar
Maryann Tebben, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Highland Room K
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18.11 Global Crisis’ Spain. Poetics and Imaginaries of Late Capitalism in Spain (Seminar)
Chairs: Germán Labrador Méndez, Princeton University; Luis Moreno Caballud, University of Pennsylvania
“Llamada a una rebelión organizada: Belén Gopegui, ‘Acceso no autorizado’ y el 15-M”
Beatriz Celaya-Carrillo, Miami University
“La vida subprime. Cómo las ‘historias de vida’ son tecnologías de imaginación política (2007-2012)”
Germán Labrador Méndez, Princeton University
“Entre viejas y nuevas narrativas: crisis y políticas post-dialécticas en la España del 15M”
Ángel Luis Lara, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
“‘Espera is Waiting’. Markel Redondo’s Photography of Crisis”
Patricia Keller, Cornell University
“Formas de producción de sentido y comunidades discursivas en torno a la última crisis neoliberal”
Luis Moreno-Caballud, University of Pennsylvania
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Aqueduct Room AB
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18.12 Insurrections et transgressions françaises et francophones (Seminar)
Chairs: Jean-Frederic Hennuy, Bennington College; Cristina Johnston, Stirling University
“Communauté, mimétisme et transgression”
Florian Grandena, Université d’Ottawa
“A Lawless Believer in Law: Michel Houellebecq and Communism”
Gavin Bowd, University of St Andrews
“Révolution manquée ou en manque de révolution?”
Audrey Evrard, Drew University
“Children of the Revolution? Persepolis and the Female Body Politic”
Cristina Johnston, University of Stirling
“Nathalie Quintane: Des tomates à l’insurrection”
Jean-Frederic Hennuy, Bennington College
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Aqueduct Room CD
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18.13 Sujeto transatlántico y trauma: aproximaciones a la escritura del XVI y XVII (Seminar)
Chairs: Francisco Lopez Martin, Denison University; Fernando Rodriguez Mansilla, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
“La carta de relación: trauma y saber”
Manuel Gómez, Iona College
“Voces de ultratumba. Los bálsamos del alma en la poesía de Garcilaso”
Andrés Gonzálbez, Pennsylvania State University
“Nueva España y el discurso misionero franciscano en la formación del sujeto trasatlántico”
Carmen Grace, College of Charleston
“El trauma de la traición: conjuras españolas contra los incas de Vilcabamba según Titu Cusi Yupanqui”
Beatriz C. Peña, Queens College-CUNY
“Entre dos orillas: Cabeza de Vaca y el encuentro con la otredad”
Francisco López-Martín, Denison University
“La sombra del padre y la lealtad caballeresca en la Relación de la descendencia de Garci Pérez”
Fernando Rodríguez-Mansilla, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Cascade Room A
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18.14 Beyond Writing Back to the Empire: Second Wave of African and Caribbean Writers (Seminar)
Chair: Suha Kudsieh, College of Staten Island-CUNY
“Women as Witness to Postcolonial Dystopia in Petina Gappah – An Elegy for Easterly”
Chielozona Eze, Northeastern Illinois University
“Expanding the Creative Space of African Literature: Short Stories by 3rd Generation Nigerian Writers”
Thomas Martinek, University of Vienna
“French Classical Theatre Gets ‘Postcolonial’ in Linyekula’s Pour en finir avec Bérénice
Domenica Newell-Amato, Eastern Illinois University
“Reconciling Senex & Puer: Martinican Identity Archetypes in Chamoiseau’s Chronicle of Seven Sorrows”
Allison P. Palumbo, University of Kentucky
“Subjunctive Historiography in the Poetry of Martín Espada”
David Vibert, SUNY College-Old Westbury
Cascade Room B
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18.15 Immigration, Travel, and Tourism in Middle Eastern Literatures (Seminar)
Chair: Sally Gomaa, Salve Regina University
“‘Whose Country Is It Anyways?’ Searching for ‘Home’ in Arabic Women’s War Narratives”
Sally Gomaa, Salve Regina University
“Re-visioning Travel and Home: Writing across Time in Ahdaf Soueif’s The Map of Love
Eda Dedebas, University of Connecticut
“‘They is all of us’: Arab-American Landscapes in Khaled Mattawa’s Tocqueville
Barish Ali, SUNY Buffalo State
Natalie Di Biase, SUNY Buffalo State
“Hanan Al-Shaykh’s Only in London: Latitudes of Exile, Alienation and Homecoming”
Mootacem Mhiri, Vassar College
“The Permanent Tourist, an Exile in His Own Land: Ka Returns to Kars”
Stephen Trainor, Salve Regina University
Cascade Room C
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Session 19: 12:45pm - 3:15pm

19.01 ‘Exploring the Multiple Dimensions of Intercultural Competence’ (Workshop)
Chair: Sonia Massari, University of Florence
“Language, Drama and Cross-cultural Communication: Teaching Tools”
Gloria Pastorino, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“Watching Movies to Pick Up Cross-cultural Communication: Tips and Tools”
Chiara Ferrari, California State University-Chico
“Food, Identity and Cross-cultural Spaces: Learning Tools”
Sonia Massari, University of Florence
Multimedia Session: Media Projector and Screen (laptop not provided) w/speakers
Hyatt Wilmorite Room
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