Friday Sessions

Session 3

Friday, April 9, 8:30am-9:45am

3.01 St. Pierre
House Work: Masters and Servants in Post-Modern Culture
Chair: Ann McClellan, Plymouth State University
“Servants on the Screen: Work, Class, and Authority in TV and Film”
Ann McClellan, Plymouth State University
“Intercontinental Play: Rimini Protokoll and Performing the Master-Slave Dialectic”
Matthew Cornish, Yale University
“Satirical Reversals in Sam Selvon’s Representation of Master and Servant in Moses Ascending”
Rebecca Dyer, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
3.02 Longueuil
Leon Edel and Henry James Biography
Chair: Greg W. Zacharias, Creighton University
“The Figure in Edel’s Carpet: Personal Myth in The Life of Henry James
Danel Mark Fogel, University of Vermont
Rosemary Luttrell, University of Georgia
“‘Challenging the Witnesses’: Leon Edel’s Paradoxical Relation to the ‘New’ Biography”
Paul Fisher, Wellesley College
“Leon Edel on Cosmopolitanism in The Life of Henry James
Anthony Louis Marasco, St. John International University, Vinovo
3.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
Bridging the Gap Between Language and Content in the Foreign Language Class (Roundtable)
Chairs: Cristina Abbona-Sneider, Brown University; Tania Convertini, University of Wisconsin
“L’utilizzo del portfolio come strategia e riflessione sull’apprendimento”
Fabiana Cecchini, Texas A&M University
“Language and Culture through Cinema and Literature in an Advanced Italian Class”
Chiara De Santi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Literary Text and Hypertext in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language”
Francesca Magnoni, National University of Ireland-Galway
“Teaching Language through Virtual Cultural Immersion”
Judy Raggi Moore, Emory University
3.04 Verdun
Canada and the Spanish-Speaking World
Chair: Adam Lifshey, Georgetown University
“Translation as a Vector for Literary Exchange between Latin America and Canada”
Hugh Hazelton, Concordia University
“Multilingualism in Latino-Canadian Writing: Lettres de Nootka by Alejandro Saravia”
Gabrielle Etcheverry, Carleton University
3.05 Jacques Cartier
Amnesia and Memory in Contemporary Spanish Cinema
Chair: Javier Venturi, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
El Sur un proceso de masculinización: De Adelaida García Morales a Víctor Erice”
Eva Paris-Huesca, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“The Politics of Amnesia in Albert Solé’s Bucarest, la memoria perdida (2008)”
Kathleen Korcheck, Central College
“La pólvora, el incienso, y el silencio en Los girasoles ciegos de José Luis Cuerda”
Javier Venturi, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
3.06 Fundy
Archives of Transgression / Transgressing the Archive
Chairs: Thomas Lornsen, University of New Brunswick-Fredericton; Thomas Krüger, University of Victoria
“Collecting Violence: Power and the Archive in Marcel Beyer’s Flughunde”
Christine McCrory, Washington University in St. Louis
“Normalizing Transgression--Narrating the RAF”
Karin Bauer, McGill University
“From the Ruins of Utopia: Peter Schneider’s Lenz as Personal Archive of Transgression”
Thomas Krüger, University of Victoria
3.07 St. Michel
Women and the Politics of the Vernacular
Chairs: Susannah Chewning, Union County College; Heike Bauer, University of London
“The Wooing Prayers in Nero A.xiv: Manuscript Composition and Textual Guidance”
Catherine Innes Parker, University of Prince Edward Island
“Feminist Literary History and Medieval Women’s Writing”
Diane Watt, University of Wales-Aberystwyth
3.08 Lasalle
The Adoption Memoir
Chair: Lindsay Davies, New York University
“The Adoptee’s Voice: From Passive Dispossession to Active Resistance”
Daniel Drennan, American University of Beirut
“River, Rain, Pool: Adoption and Maternity in Three Contemporary Spanish Texts”
Ryan Prout, Cardiff University
“Almost Originary: Tales of Adoption from China”
Lindsay Davies, New York University
3.09 Salon C
Analytic Philosophy and the Novel
Chair: Tim Mackin, Saint Michael’s College
“A Skeptic’s Progress from Kripke to Wittgenstein”
Jonathan Lee, University of California-Riverside
“Philosophical Destabilization and Indeterminacy in Iris Murdoch’s The Black Prince
In Sang Ryu, Sungkyunkwan University
“Proper Names and the Pisan Cantos; or, Notes toward a New Economics of Elegy”
Tim Mackin, Saint Michael’s College
3.11 Salon D
Red, White and Blues for Mr. Charlie: Baldwin’s New Queer America
Chair: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University
“Telling and Retelling: Embracing James Baldwin’s Queer Prophetic Vision”
Danny Sexton, Borough of Manhattan Community College
“Did the ’60s Make Baldwin Too Black and Too Queer? The Politics and Critics of Blues for Mr. Char
Cigdem Usekes, Western Connecticut State University
“Queering the Music Lesson in James Baldwin’s The Amen Corner
Reginald Wilburn, University of New Hampshire
3.12 Salon E
Italian Literature: Renaissance to Humanism
Chair: Maryann Tebben, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
“Sperone Speroni e la questione della lingua for dummies
Caterina Mongiat Farina, Colby College
“Obsession, Deception and Corruption in Machiavelli’s Mandragola
Julia Cozzarelli, Ithaca College
“Il ruolo della donna nell’amicizia reale e ideale in età pre-moderna”
Paolo Pucci, University of Vermont
3.13 Salon F
German Masters Reloaded
Chair: Florence Feiereisen, Middlebury College
“Masters Reinterpreted: Goethe, the Grimms and Rammstein”
Mohamed Esa, McDaniel College
“Old Faces, New Places: Canonical Rejuvenation in German Studies”
Kyle Frackman, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Teaching Updates of the Old Masters: Between Plagiarism and Intertextuality”
Florence Feiereisen, Middlebury College
3.14 Salon G
From Nomad to Nobel Laureate: (Re-) Examining J.M.G. Le Clézio in 2010
Chair: Katharine Harrington, University of Maine-Fort Kent
“Teaching Le Clezio and His Forest of Paradoxes”
Keith Moser, Mississippi State University
“Witnessing our Shrinking Planet: Spatial Representation in Two Novels of J.M.G. Le Clezio”
Audrey O’Brien, Athabasca University
“Le Clezio’s ‘Mondo’: Teaching the Poetics of Nomadism”
Claire Schub, Tufts University
3.15 Salon H
Rethinking Feminist Language and Theory
Chair: Lynn O'Brien Hallstein, Boston University
“Maternity and Intersectionality: Being and Thinking Between as a Feminist Maternal Scholar”
Lynn O'Brien Hallstein, Boston University
“A Book is Not Book is Not Born, But Rather Becomes: The Second Sex As A Problem of Language”
Eme Crawford, University of South Carolina
3.16 St. Lambert
From the Favela to the Novela
Chair: Laurelann Porter, Scottsdale Community College
“Frogs and samba-exaltação: The allegorization of violence in Brazil in Manda Bala”
Hudson Moura, Simon Fraser University
“Violence in Brazilian soap operas”
Isabel Ferreira, Universidade Federal do Tocantins
“Hope in the Favelas”
Laurelann Porter, Scottsdale Community College
3.17 Lachine
Interlanguage Commmunication: Mishaps of Misunderstood Language
Chair: Myrna Santos, Nova Southeastern University
“In the Process: Interlanguage and Academic Writing in the First Year Composition Course”
James McDougall, American University of Kuwait
“Misnderstanding American English: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”
George R. Keidan, Hampton University
“Language Mishaps: Are we too complacent as we take misunderstanding English for granite?
Myrna Santos, Nova Southeastern University
3.18 St. Leonard
The Future of Women’s Literature in Modernist Studies (Roundtable)
Chair: Lauren Rosenblum, SUNY Stony Brook
“Breaking Out of Modernist Constellations”
Sandeep Parmar, New York University
“Alternative Modernist Traditions: Women Writers and Modernist Utopias”
Noreen O’Connor, King’s College
“Reading the Unreadable: Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage and Feminist Modernisms”
Laurel Harris, CUNY Graduate Center
“Recovering Modernist Lineage: Genevieve Taggard and Emily Dickinson”
Julia Lisella, Regis College
3.19 St. Laurent
Insular Identities and the Borders of Medieval Britain
Chair: Katherine Terrell, Hamilton College
“From Greater Britain to England: Of Arthur and Merlin and Historical Convergence”
Daniel Wollenberg, University of Pittsburgh
“Fluid Borders: Water in Gerald of Wales’s Itinerarium Cambriae
Matthew Scribner, Queen’s University-Kingston
“ReOrienting Britain in Caxton’s Polychronicon
Lauryn Mayer, Washington and Jefferson College
3.20 Mont-Royal
The Politics of the Western
Chair: Darren Millar, John Abbott College
“Built Ford Tough: John Ford and the Persistence of the American Western”
Art Redding, York University
“Spare the Revolver, Spoil the Child: Didacticism in the Novels of Max Brand”
Ian Boyd, University of Delaware
“Constructing Gender and Sexual Normativity in Tombstone
Jae Jerkins, Florida State University
3.21 Mont-Royal
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century American Masculinities
Chair: Michael Shaw, Fordham University
“Biting Back: Starving Men and Working Women in McTeague and Sister Carrie
Lauren Navarro, Fordham University
“Visions of the ‘New Man’ in Elizabeth Stuart Phelps’s Doctor Zay
Emily Dolan, University of Connecticut
“‘Don’t tumble my dickey’: Competing Models of Masculinity in Fanny Fern’s Ruth Hall
Michael Shaw, Fordham University

Session 4

Friday, April 9, 10:00am-11:30am

4.01 St. Pierre
The World is Not Flat: Body Traffic across the Global Village
Chair: Alexandar Mihailovic, Hofstra University
“Translated Women: Systems Clashes in Andrea Staka’s Fräulein and Yugo Divas
Helga Druxes, Williams College
“Italian Immigration and Diasporic European Identity”
Jean-Frederic Hunnuy, Bennington College
“Engagement and Othering in Transnational Writing”
Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, Florida State University
“Cinematic Border Zones of Thwarted Desire in Lichter and Sleep Dealer
Alexandar Mihailovic, Hofstra University
4.02 Longueuil
Literary Motherhood in the New World
Chair: Kate Caccavaio, Michigan State University
“Ecology as Maternity: The Landscapes as a Child in Unca Eliza Winfield’s The Female America
Johannes Burgers, The Graduate School CUNY
“Recalling Nellie: Communal Mothering in Ansa’s Baby of the Family
Amber Estlund, Georgia State University
“Suzanne Jacob’s L’Obeissance: A Testimony of Maternal Resistance to the Paternal Order”
Aubrey Kubiak, SUNY Buffalo
“‘This Thing I Call My Mother’: (Un)Mothering in Jamaica Kincaid’s Texts”
Dorsia Smith, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
4.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
Technology, Migrations and Displacements in the Portuguese-Speaking Spaces
Chair: Luis Goncalves, Columbia University
“Portugal’s Case vis-à-vis Edward Said’s Orientalism”
José I. Suárez, University of Northern Colorado
“Cyberliterature in Portuguese and the Canon”
Luana Barossi, Universidade de São Paulo
Portugal à janela of Adelaide Vilela, a literary proof about the Lusitanian emigration to Canada”
“‘What is she, a gypsy?’ The Portuguese Body in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora
Tiffany Austin, Saint Louis University
4.04 Verdun
Rethinking Modernism, Rethinking the Child: Modernist Experiments in Childland
Chair: Michelle Phillips, Rutgers University
“Subjective Deformation: Expressionism and the Modernist Child”
Timothy Vincent, Duquesne University
“The Child of Modernism: Redefining Romantic Subjectivity”
Galia Benziman, Tel Aviv University and the Open University
“Gertrude Stein, Nonsense, and To Do: A Book of Alphabets and Birthdays
Eric Rettberg, University of Virginia
“Innocence Loosed: The Turning of the Child in Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw
Michelle Phillips, Rutgers University
4.05 Jacques Cartier
Playing Web 2.0: Intertextuality, Narrative and Identity in New Media
Chair: Cathie LeBlanc, Plymouth State University
“Playing Social: Why Some FaceBook Games Work and Others Don’t”
Cathie LeBlanc, Plymouth State University
“Collector/Compositor: Playing with Narrative Forms”
Elise Takehana, University of Florida
“Digital Ghettos: Rendering (Post?) Blackness in social media”
Lisa Woolfork, University of Virginia
“Community, Rebellion and the Reinforcement of Authority in @AcimanandRensin’s Twitterature”
Pamela Ingleton, McMaster University
4.06 Fundy
Pictures of an Exhibition: Museums and Collections in Literature and Media
Chair: Edward Wesp, Western New England College
“Leopold Bloom at the Museum’s Gate: Personal and Institutional Collection Practices in Ulysses
Julia Panko, University of California-Santa Barbara
“‘Things people pay to see’: The Stigmatization of Waxwork in Mystery of the Wax Museum
Margaret Owens, Nipissing University
“DuBois’s Eye: Romantic and Radical Vision of Modern Art in W.E.B. DuBois’s Dark Princess
Courtney Baker, Connecticut College
“The Faun’s Ear: Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Museum as Medium”
Edward Wesp, Western New England College
4.07 Lachine
No Turning Back: Distance Education in 2010
Chair: Emily Hegarty, Nassau Community College-SUNY
“Closing the Distance: Primary Sources for Online Learning”
Christina Benson, City of New York Archives
“Distance Learning and the Digital Commons”
Minette Estevez, Nassau Community College-SUNY
“Surveillance and Privacy in Online Learning”
Emily Hegarty, Nassau Community College-SUNY
“Difficult Discourse in Distance Education”
Shelly Jansen, SUNY-Binghamton
4.08 Lasalle
Communal Modernisms
Chair: Emily M. Hinnov, Bowling Green State University-Firelands
“Communal Poetics, Sorrow Songs, and Lola Ridge’s ‘The Ghetto’ and Other Poems
Michelle B. Gaffey, Duquesne University
“Mass Media, Technik and Authors/Readers: Amauta and the Creation of an Avant-Garde Intelligentsia”
Mauricio A. Castillo, Columbia University
“From Alienation to Coven: Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Utopian Modernism”
Noreen T. O’Connor, King’s College
“Cooperative or Co-opted Communication?: Understanding Bertolt Brecht’s Radio Plays”
Melissa L. Dinsman, University of Notre Dame
4.09 Salon C
Importance of Studying Oscar [Wilde]: His Plays, Stories, Letters, and Lectures
Chair: Annette M. Magid, Erie Community College-SUNY
“Souls, Secrets, and Stars: Oscar Wilde and H. G. Wells, the Fin de Siėcle Observers”
Sema E. Ege, University of Ankara
“A Letter from Prison and in Chains: Oscar Wilde and the Importance of Intellectual Labor”
Christian Gerzso, New York University
“Cultivating Wildean Ethics Among Engineering Students at Military College”
Heather Evans, Royal Military College of Canada
“Consumer-Modernism: Mrs. Erlynne and Lord Goring as Well-Dressed Philosophers of Art”
Paul L. Fortunato, University of Houston-Downtown
4.10 La Verriere
The American Aesthetic of Marilynne Robinson
Chair: Jane Wood, Park University
“Marilynne Robinson and Processes of Memory”
Karen L. Levenback, Monastery at St. Sepulchre
“Epistemology, Aesthetics, and the Essays of Marilynne Robinson”
Seth Studer, Tufts University
“Trying to Say What is True: Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead and the In/expressibility of the Numinous”
Andrew J. Ploeg, University of Rhode Island
“‘Sacred Beauty’: the Aesthetic of Grace”
Wiebke Omnus, Keimyung University
4.11 Salon D
El cine y la literatura en la formación de la identidad nacional hispánica II
Chair: Enrique Garcia, Middlebury College
“Del franquismo al barroco: catolicismo e identidad”
Jesús Pérez Magallón, McGill University
“La literatura cubana del siglo XIX y el proceso de construcción de la identidad nacional hispánica”
Jose María Aguilera Manzano, University of Cantabria
“El proyecto nacional en la novela histórica argentina de finales del siglo XX y principios del XXI”
Wojciech Tokarz, St Francis Xavier University
“La construcción del proyecto identitario nacional en la prensa romántica española”
Marta Manrique Gómez, Middlebury College
4.12 Salon E
Breaking Atoms: Reading Hip Hop as Literature
Chair: Tim Strode, SUNY Nassau Community College
“Stay Trappin’: Gender Politics of Rapper T.I.”
Regina Barnett, Florida State University
“The Guilty Conscience of Rap? Dialog as a Main Principle of Hip Hop”
Philipp Marquardt, Brown University
“Grand Messages, Big Ideas, and Reverse Archeology: Some Close Readings of Hip Hop Lyrics”
Timothy Wood, SUNY Nassau Community College
4.13 Salon F
Outside from Within: The German Literary Outsider
Chair: Thomas Buckley, Saint Joseph’s University
“Life as Art: Rahel Varnhagen’s Radicalization of the Romantic Tradition”
Julia Goesser, Trinity College
“Gottfried Benn: from ‘Inner Emigration’ to Absolute Prose”
Joshua Dittrich, University of Toronto-Mississauga
“The Yellow Rose of Norway: Hans Henny Jahnn’s Perrudja
Harry Roddy, Jr., University of South Alabama
“Punk Aesthetics and Space in Rainald Goetz’ Irre
Cyrus Shahan, Colby College
4.14 Salon G
Translation and the Transnational Past
Chair: Birgit Tautz, Bowdoin College
“‘Es sey eitel Arabisch’: Translation in 16th-Century ‘German’ War Treaties”
Patrick Brugh, Washington University in St. Louis
“Translating the Caribbean World: English Drama on the German Stage”
Birgit Tautz, Bowdoin College
“Translation and Literary Criticism in the Works of Dorothea Veit-Schlegel”
Astrid Weigert, Georgetown University
4.15 Salon H
Empowering Silence
Chairs: Audrey Brunetaux, Colby College; Valerie Dionne, Colby College
“Parole et écriture: Impossibilités et paradoxes dans Le Très Haut de Maurice Blanchot”
Emmanuelle Vanborre, Gordon College
“Les échos du silence dans l’œuvre de Samuel Beckett”
Natalia Laranjinha, New York University
“Silence, Noise and Vision in A la recherche du temps perdu
Miriam Heywood, University College London
“Entre dire et montrer: le concept kierkegaardien de communication indirecte”
Sebastian Husch, University of Pau
4.16 St. Lambert
Les pratiques scripturales de la migrance littéraire I
Chairs: Catherine Khordoc, Carleton University; Marianne Bessy, Furman University
“‘Dire l’ailleurs autrement’: un enjeu pour l’écrivain migrant”
Christiane Albert, Université de Pau et des pays d’Adour
“Pratiques du ‘border writing’ dans l’écriture migrante au Québec”
Stéphanie Bellemare-Page, Université du Québec à Montréal
“Poétique de l’ ‘effaçonnement’ de l’écrivain italo-luxembourgeois Jean Portante”
Jeanne Glesener, Université du Luxembourg
4.17 St. Michel
The City as a Space of Exile
Chair: Agnieszka Gutthy, Southeastern Louisiana University
“Subterranean Worlds: Urban Redevelopment, Queer Spaces, and John Rechy’s City of Night
Thomas Heise, McGill University
“‘This happened and that happened...’: Spatial Narratives and Urban Thresholds in Jean Rhys’ Paris”
Sarah Cornish, Fordham University
“‘Metropolitan Migrants’ after the Apocalypse: Urban Indiós in the Postmodern City”
Stacey Balkan, Bergen Community College
A Tale of Two Cities in the Poetry of Adam Zagajewski”
Agnieszka Gutthy, Southeastern Louisiana University
4.18 St. Leonard
Film and Philosophy
Chair: Hunter Vaughan, Washington University in St. Louis
“Two Sides of the Same Ocean: Contemporary Film Philosophy in France and the United States”
Hunter Vaughan, Washington University in St. Louis
“A Phenomenological Approach to Dada Films: Where Two Lies Make One Truth”
Nathalie Fouyer, City University of New York
“Rethinking Authenticity in Film Analysis”
William C. Pamerleau, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg
“Philosophy of the Natural World in Film: An Eco-Existential Look at Baraka”
Chris Baratta, Binghamton University
4.19 St. Laurent
Fictional Histories/Historical Fictions: Renaissance Historical Fiction
Chair: Elizabeth Ketner, SUNY Plattsburgh
“Shared History: Lope deVega’s Radical Proposition”
Madera Allan, Lawrence University
“Not Penshurst: Distributio, Enclosure, and Negative Cartography”
Daniel Brayton, Middlebury College
“Dramatizing Queenship in Mulcaster’s The Queenes Maiesties Passage and Heywood's If You Know Not Me
Jessica Riddell, Bishop’s University
“History and Genre in Marguerite de Navarre’s Twenty First Tale of Heptameron
Elizabeth Ketner, SUNY Plattsburgh
4.20 Westmount
The Coming of Age Stories of James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison
Chair: Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, Temple University
“Shattered Psyches: Ellison’s Flying Home as Trauma Writing”
Josephine McQuail, Tennessee Technological University
“Coming of Age and the Inefficacy of Conversion in Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain
Andrew Connoly, Carleton University
“Ellison, Beautiful Men, and the Revolutionary Gaze”
Tyler T. Schmidt, Lehman College-CUNY
“Youth, Race and Alienation in Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin”
Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, Temple University
4.21 Mont-Royal
Teaching Shakespeare
Chair: Roberta Milliken, Shawnee State University
“Educating the Prince of Denmark Then and Now: A Freshman Seminar”
Alberto Cacicedo, Albright College
“Promoting Empathy in the Galillee Through the Performance of Romeo and Juliet
Lynn Timna, Bar Ilan University and The Arab Academic College
“Teaching the ‘New-Found Methods’ in Shakespeare’s Experimental Comedies”
Aaron Shapiro, Boston University
“Demythologizing Shakespeare in the Age of ‘senseless speaking’ Or the Clash of Clichés”
Jamal En-Nehas, Sultan Qaboos University
4.22 Hampstead
The Marketplace in/and Twentieth-Century Literature
Chair: Steven Canaday, Anne Arundel Community College
“Yeats and the Marketplace: Cultural Patronage, the Lane Gallery, and Responsibilities
Rob Doggett, SUNY Geneseo
“Irish Poets, Learn Your Trade: Thomas Kinsella between First Programme and Second Coming”
Greg Londe, Princeton University
“Writing the Self for Money: Edith Wharton and Gendering the Market”
Joyce Goggin, University of Amsterdam
“Stealing Milk: Race and the Marketplace in John Fante’s Ask the Dust
Matthew Elliott, Emmanuel College
4.23 Cote-St. Luc
Chaos in Tranquility: Humor in American Life Writing
Chair: Christopher Stuart, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
“Confessional Crumb: Robert Crumb’s Autobiographical Comics and the Confessional Poets”
Edward Shannon, Ramapo College of New Jersey
“Eggers’s Humor in Memoir: Destructive or Instructive?”
Alison Sperling, San Francisco State University
“‘The Only Truthful Way to Tell a Sad Story’: Humor in the ‘Life Writing’ of Foer and Eggers”
Victoria Bryan, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
“‘Fun in a Man-of-war’: Autobiographical Tension in Melville’s ‘White-Jacket’”
Brad Johnson, Doane College
4.24 Outremount
James and the Women
Chair: Rita Bode, Trent University
“Revising the Role of the Cosmopolitan Woman Traveler: Daisy Miller to Ellen Olenska”
Peter Gibian, McGill University
“Regaining Lost Youth in Novels by James and Cather”
Elsa Nettels, College of William and Mary
“Review or Revision? Henry James, George Eliot and the Moment of Daniel Deronda
Amanda Adams, Temple University
“Sartorial Sociality: Fashioning Friendships in James and Wharton”
Heath Sledge, University of North Carolina
4.25 Le Portage
Spirits Rapping: Spiritualism in Anglo-American Fiction
Chair: Michael Cadwallader, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“Ghosting Touch, Queering Tactility, and Renegotiating Sexuality in Teleny
Ann Gagné, University of Western Ontario
“Dark Spirits: Race, Class, Gender and Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction”
Ann Kordas, Johnson and Wales University
“The Spirit of Labor: Mesmerism and Manufacturing Americans in Phelps’s The Silent Partner
Rebecca Soares, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“The Predictive Imagination in Edward Bellamy’s ‘The Medium’s Story’”
Jamie Pietruska, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
4.26 Frontenac
Indigenous Literatures of Native North America
Chair: Benjamin Carson, Bridgewater State College
“‘What would John Wayne do?’: Ethnocriticism, Stereotype, and the West”
Rebekah Greene, University of Rhode Island
“Re-telling the Story of Identity in Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water
Jamie Calhoun, Pennsylvania State University
“Talking is the Best Medicine?:Trauma, Testimony & Healing in Robinson, Highway and Van Camp”
Robyn Green, Carleton University

Session 5

Friday, April 9, 11:45am-1:15pm

5.01 St. Pierre
A Bridge Too Far: Bisexuality in Contemporary Culture
Chair: Paolo Pucci, University of Vermont
“Fantastic Traces of the Unsaid: The Apparitional Caveman in Radclyffe Hall’s Miss Ogilvy Finds H
Audrey Fessler, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
“Alternative Sexuality in Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics
Farzad Mozafarzadeh, University of Iowa
“A Screen Too Small: Intertextual Bisexuality on (and off) Television”
Elizabeth Lundberg, University of Iowa
“Media Responses and Categorization of Bisexuality in Brazilian Movies”
Ines Shaw, Nassau Community College
5.02 Longueuil
Whose Africa?: Representations of Africa in African and Diasporic Literatures I
Chair: John Hyland, SUNY Buffalo
“Renewing Myth in Three African Movies: Yeelen, Moolaade, and Max and Mona
Elaine Marshall, Barton College
“‘Fresh Names’: The African Imaginary of Turner and A Harlot’s Progress
Nicole Matos, College of DuPage
“‘The Idea of Africa’: Not out there but from-it-in-the-World”
Anjali Prabhu, Wellesley College
“Remapping the History of the African Horn: Violent Cartographies in Nuruddin Farah’s Maps
Minna Niemi, SUNY Buffalo
5.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
The Library in German Literature
Chair: Regine Heberlein, Princeton University--Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library
Leihbibliothek and Palmenbibliothek: Private Libraries in Hoffmann and Tieck”
Len Cagle, Lycoming College
“Alternative Archives: Heinrich von Kleist’s Library of Deviance”
Thomas Lornsen, The University of New Brunswick
“Living by the Book: Libraries, Exile & Community in the 20th Century”
Tracy Graves, Washington University in St. Louis
“‘Wo einen das Lesen in den Wahnsinn treiben kann’: Approaching Buchhaim”
Regine Heberlein, Princeton University
5.04 Verdun
The Internet as a Contestatory Medium in Latin America
Chair: Hilda Chacon, Nazareth College
“Civilización y barbarie 2.0”
Donetta Hines, McGill University
“Ciberespacio como campo para la denuncia: los asesinatos de Juárez”
María Matz, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
“La otra Cuba secreta: Las grietas virtuales del socialismo”
Omar Granados, Emory University
“Cyber Citizen Organization via The Internet: Contestatory Experiences in Latin America”
Hilda Chacón, Nazareth College
5.05 Jacques Cartier
Shifting Boundaries of Childhood, Adolescence, and Adulthood in Italian Film
Chair: Tania Convertini, Indiana University
“A Child’s Tragedy: Matteo Garrone’s Totò”
Inga Pierson, Colgate University
“Who is the Cinematic Child/Who is the Cinematic Monster?: Gabriele Salvatore’s Io Non ho paura
Hans Staats, Stony Brook University
“Da criature a òmmini: percorsi di formazione mafiosa in Certi bambini e Gomorra
Lara Santoro, Rutgers University
“In the Name of the Father: The Drama of Adolescence in Salvatore’s Come dio comanda
Michela Meschini, University of Macerata
5.06 Fundy
Interviews & Literature: Self-Commentary, Self-Presentation and Narrative Form
Chairs: Gundela Hachmann, Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge; Torsten Hoffmann, University of Goettingen
“‘Art is an excuse to have a dialogue’ - Interviews in Literatur und performativen Künsten”
Ute Cathrin Gröbel, Ludwig Maximilian University
“Stefan Heym im Interview”
John Heath, University of Vienna
“‘Deutscher Kulturträger’: The Self-Portraiture of Blixa Bargeld”
Mirko M. Hall, Converse College-Spartanburg
“The Interview as Novel: ‘Das Wetter vor 15 Jahren’ by Wolf Haas”
Matthias Schaffrick, Westphalian Wilhelms University
5.07 Lachine
Film: Poetics versus Theory
Chair: Randall Spinks, Nassau Community College
“Toward a Semiotics of Poetry and Film: Meaning-Making and Extra-Linguistic Signification”
Bill Scalia, St. Mary’s Seminary and University
“Biopoetics: The Evolution of Desire in Il Postino
David Randall, Bloomsburg University
Film Poetics (with a capital P)”
Johannes Schade, Johns Hopkins University
“Reading Hitchcock’s Vertigo against Participatory Economics: A Thought Experiment”
Randall Spinks, Nassau Community College
5.08 Lasalle
Women Writing Spanish American Revolution(s)
Chair: Sophie M. Lavoie, University of New Brunswick
“Cuban Women See the Cuban Revolution, 1959-2009”
Catharina Vallejo, Concordia University
“Prejuicios de género, actitudes machistas y discursos patriarcales en un testimonio peruano”
Lady Rojas Benavente, Concordia University
“Killer Women in the Revolution: Nora Astorga and Gioconda Belli’s ‘La mujer habitada’”
Alicia Muñoz, Macalester College
“La creación del mito del combatiente revolucionario en la narrativa de escritoras sandinistas”
Sophie M. Lavoie, University of New Brunswick-Fredericton
5.09 Salon C
Classic and Contemporary American Girl Lit: Place & Space
Chair: Susan Ingalls Lewis, SUNY New Paltz
“The Motel as Half-Way House in Marjory Hall’s Romance at Courtesy Bend
Cara Rodway, King’s College London
“Before Nancy Drew: Girls to the Rescue in World War I”
Susan Ingalls Lewis, SUNY New Paltz
“Girls Bite Back: Fanfiction Resistance to Twilight
Monica Swindle, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
“Big Mouths, Freaks, and Empowered Geeks: Joyce Carole Oates, The ‘New Girl,’ and the”
Jessica McCort, Duquesne University
5.10 La Verriere
La narrativa de la dictadura en Latinoamerica
Chair: Adriana Rosman-Askot, The College of New Jersey
“Spatial Ontologies of Disappearance in Tomas Eloy Martinez’s ‘La novela de Perón’”
Karen Elizabeth Bishop, Harvard University
“The Counter-Discourse of Luis Alberto Molina in Manuel Puig’s ‘El beso de la mujer araña’”
Erin Redmond, Alfred University
“El tango como herramienta ideológica subversiva en la literatura argentina”
Rafaela Fiore Urizar, Catholic University of America
“Maternity, Massacre and Memory: Women under Dictatorship”
Adriana Rosman-Askot, The College of New Jersey
5.11 Salon D
Slumming It: Metatextual Bleeding Between “Literature” and Popular Media
Chair: Angela Szczepaniak, SUNY Buffalo
“Embodied Textuality: Shelley Jackson’s Skin and Authorial Inscription”
Ron Sweeney, SUNY Buffalo
“Piercing the Corporate Veil: David Foster Wallace and Popular Culture”
Mario Trono, Mount Royal University
House of Leaves and the Horrors of Genre Slumming”
Daniel Tripp, Frostburg State University
“Blood in the Gutter: Detecting the Image in Art Spiegelman’s ‘Ace Hole, Midget Detective’”
Angela Szczepaniak, SUNY Buffalo
5.12 Salon E
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Canonical Works
Chair: Janet S. Wolf, SUNY Cortland
“‘Anchor Works’: Teaching Gilgamesh to Teach Reading”
Thomas Kealy, Colby Sawyer College
“Oliver Goldsmith’s Return to a Traditional Comic Formula in She Stoops to Conquer
Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi
“Textual Variation Opens the Door to Early Modern Dramatic Texts”
Michael Basile, New Jersey City University
“Paying Attention to the Word and Attention to the Action: Shakespeare in the College Classroom”
Maureen McDonnell, Eastern Connecticut State University
5.13 Salon F
Italian Women Writers and Autobiography
Chair: Ioana Raluca Larco, University of Kentucky
“Gender roles and gender identity in Fine d’anno by Paola Drigo”
Ioana Raluca Larco, University of Kentucky
“Tra romanzo, biografia e autobiografia: il rapporto padre-figlia in Artemisia di Anna Banti”
Chiara De Santi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Still Life: Chronotopic self-portraits in Rosetta Loy’s La parola ebreo
Chiara Ferrari, New York University
La Frantumaglia: Elena Ferrante’s Fragmented Self”
Elda Buonanno Foley, Iona College
5.14 Salon G
Madness in Women’s French and Francophone Fiction
Chair: Leah Tolbert Lyons, Middle Tennessee State University
“Madness and Maternity in Mariama Bâ’s Un Chant écarlate
Leah Tolbert Lyons, Middle Tennessee State University
“The Rise of the Female Assassin in Ananda Devi’s Ève de ses décombres
Julie Huntington, Marymount Manhattan College
“Repression, Rebellion and Madness in Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Haitian Trilogy Amour. Colère. Folie.
Debra Popkin, Baruch College-CUNY
“Women’s Stories of History and Madness in Marie-Célie Agnant’s Le Livre d’Emma
Roseanna Dufault, Ohio Northern University
5.15 Salon H
Seventeenth-Century French Writers’ Lives
Chair: Stéphane Natan, Rider University
“Quand la préciosité flirte avec le libertinage: l’exemple des conteuses des années 1690”
Sophie Raynard-Leroy, State University of New York-Stony Brook
“Des ‘hommes amphibies’? Molière, Furetière, Racine and Anti-bourgeois Writing”
Olivier Delers, University of Richmond
“À la rencontre de Blaise Pascal”
Stéphane Natan, Rider University
“Pascal et ses affaires de cœur”
María Cristina Campos Fuentes, DeSales University
5.16 St. Lambert
Transformations of Antiquity in the Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: Ulrike Wagner, Columbia University
“Revolutions in Borrowed Clothes? The Invention of Winckelmann and the Ancient-Modern Divide”
Katherine Harloe, University of Reading
“On Moral Grounds: The Roman Villa and the Eighteenth-Century Verse Epistle”
Amanda Weldy, University of Southern California
“Tacitus and the Archetype”
Theodore Weaver, Rutgers University
“Relocating the Divine Spirit: Translations of Hebrew Poetry and Cultural Transformations”
Ulrike Wagner, Columbia University
5.17 St. Michel
Queering the Caribbean: Toward Open Discussion of Queerness in Caribbean Writing
Chair: Rachel Mordecai, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Queering the Mixed-Race Body in Nalo Hopkinson’s The Salt Roads
Jasmine Mitchell, University of Minnesota
“Queer Interventions from the Hispanic Caribbean”
Elena Valdez, Rutgers University
“‘Le Sexe Fendu’ in Maryse Condé’s Célanire Cou-Coupé
Carine Mardorossian, University at Buffalo
“(Queer) Sex and the Jamaican Citizen: Patricia Powell’s A Small Gathering of Bones
Rachel Mordecai, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
5.18 St. Leonard
Margaret Atwood and Canada: Interventions, Influences, Interconnections
Chair: Karen Stein, University of Rhode Island
“She’s Canadian? Reading and Teaching Margaret Atwood in the United States.”
Karma Waltonen, University of California-Davis
“Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman and the Rise of the Canadian Academic Novel”
Poonam Bajwa, University of Ottawa
“‘Man and His Electrifying Environment’: Atwood’s Parody of Marshall McLuhan”
Medrie Purdham, University of Regina
“Atwood and the Language Question”
Heidi Arsenault, Cornell University
5.19 St. Laurent
‘Pillars of Witness’: Brontë Literature as Commentary
Chair: Kristin Le Veness, Nassau Community College
“‘Hush! Hush!’ Nelly Dean: Servants, Secrets, and Suffering in Wuthering Heights
Nancy Von Rosk, Mount Saint Mary College
“Epistolary Witness: Nelly & Mrs. Heathcliff’s Letter”
Judith Pike, Salisbury University
“‘Me they could not see’: Invisible Witnessing in Villette
Anna Lepine, John Abbott College
“Bearing Witness: Faith, Feminism, and Anne Bronte”
Kristin Le Veness, Nassau Community College
5.20 Westmount
‘Ah Got De Law in My Mouth’: Black Women Writing Justice
Chair: Courtney Marshall, University of New Hampshire
“Zora Neale Hurston and The American Courts: In Fiction and Life”
Pearlie Peters, Rider University
“Marriage, Race and the Law in Antebellum America: Iola Leroy’s Awakening”
Terry Novak, Johnson and Wales University
“In the Absence of Law and Justice”
Nancy Marder, Chicago-Kent College of Law
“Land-theft and Lawsuits: The Case of Elleanor Eldridge in Antebellum Rhode Island”
Joycelyn Moody, University of Texas-San Antonio
5.21 Mont-Royal
To Give or Not To Give: The Ethics of Nineteenth-Century Charity
Chair: Leslie Graff, University of Memphis
“Carlyle, Gaskell and the Captives of Industry”
Keith Friedlander, University of Ottawa
“Embattled Idealism and the Failure of Charity in Gissing’s Slum Novels”
Jennifer Conary, DePaul University
“Selfless Self-interest: Jane Addams’s Rejection of Charity”
Michael Cadwallader, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“The Geography of Doing Good: The Conflict Between the Civilizing Mission and Domestic Charity”
Leslie Graff, University of Memphis
5.22 Hampstead
Serializing Fiction II
Chair: Adam Seth Lowenstein, University of California-Los Angeles
“‘Such variety and yet such harmony’: The Serial Aesthetic of The Ambassadors
Adam Seth Lowenstein, University of California-Los Angeles
“Figures of Disfigurement: Harper’s Graphic Illustrations and Stephen Crane”
Adam T. Sonstegard, Cleveland State University
“The Paradox of Race after Transatlantic Emancipation: Illustrated Versions of Pudd’nhead Wilson
Joy Bracewell, University of Georgia
“Serialization, Illustration and Sensation: The Woman in White and Lady Audley’s Secret"
Elizabeth Anderman, University of Colorado-Boulder
5.23 Cote-St. Luc
Modernism, Poetry, and Faith
Chairs: Kelly C. MacPhail, Université de Montréal; Johanna Skibsrud, Université de Montréal
“Faith in the Object, Faith in Words: Marianne Moore’s Poetic Service”
Vanessa Robinson, University of Toronto
“‘The Thinnest Possible Surface’: Generative Opacity in George Oppen’s Politics and Poetics”
Johanna Skibsrud, Université de Montréal
“‘Beyond this present knowing’: Wallace Stevens’ Poetry of Faith”
Kelly C. MacPhail, Université de Montréal
“Hart Crane’s ‘Lifted Altars’: Modernism, Mysticism, and Rhetoric”
Troy Thibodeaux, New York University
5.24 Outremount
Terrified White Masculinity in Twentieth-Century American Literature
Chair: Sharon Desmond Paradiso, Endicott College
“The Death of the Race: White Masculinity and White Noise
Katherine Broad, CUNY Graduate Center
“Disaster Capitalism and Economic Shock Therapy in Bret Easton Ellis’s Glamorama
Charlotte Quinney, Bowling Green State University
“Disorganization Man: Anti-Oedipal Terror in the 1950s”
Andrew Strombeck, Wright State University
“Terrified of Gayness: White Masculinity and William S. Burroughs’ Representation of William Lee”
Chris Vanderwees, Carleton University
5.25 Le Portage
Turning Their Backs on the Land: American Literature at the Waterline
Chair: Colin Clarke, SUNY Suffolk Community College
“On Bringing Oneself from America to Britain: Phillis Wheatley’s ‘A Farewell to America’”
Paula Loscocco, Lehman College-CUNY
“Between Land and Sea: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Exorcism of the Great Dismal Swamp in Dred
Lenora Warren, New York University
“Compensating for Lost Freedom in My Antonia: Jim Burden’s Lark down by the Riverside”
Richard Hancuff, Misericordia University
“The End(s) of The Road: Literature at the Outer Banks of Humanity”
John Levi Barnard, Boston University
5.26 Frontenac
Overreachers & Machiavels: The Works of Christopher Marlowe
Chair: Nathaniel Leonard, University of Massachusetts
“Proud Corrupters: Sodomy and Regicide in Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II
Cathy Esterman, Univeristy of Massachusetts
“Objects of War: The Shields in Marlowe’s Edward II
Susan Harlan, Wake Forest University
“‘Whose Summum Bonum is in Belly Cheer’: Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and the Performance of Faith”
Nathaniel Leonard, Univeristy of Massachusetts

Session 6

Friday, April 9, 1:30pm-2:45pm

6.01 St. Pierre
Lost Pasts/Broken Futures: Forgetting as Narrative Crisis in Film
Chair: Thomas Knauer, SUNY IT
“The Viewer as Detective: The Quest for Truth in Memento and Mémoires affectives
Rachel Ritterbusch, Shepherd University
“‘Forces at Work Beyond Our Understanding’: M. Night Shyamalan’s Forgotten Happening
Lisa Day-Lindsey, Eastern Kentucky University
“‘I might do it again if it’s in me’: Forgetting Unremembered Criminality in Film Noir”
Marlisa Santos, Nova Southeastern University
6.02 Longueuil
Representations of the Working-Class in Film (Seminar)
Chair: Michelle Tokarczyk, Goucher College
“Compulsive Patterns of Materialistic Pursuit in Stroheim’s Greed
Heidi E. Faletti, Buffalo State College
“Depicting Gender: The Embodiment of the Working-Class in American Film”
Angelique Medvesky, Florida State College
“Imagined Solidarity across Races in Frozen River and Gran Torino
Michelle M. Tokarczyk, Goucher College
6.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
Identity, Resistance and Challenges to the Center in Portuguese-speaking Africa
Chair: José Suárez, University of Northern Colorado
“Rising Like a Phoenix from the Ashes: Idea(l)s of Nation and Nation-Building in the Works of Abdulai”
Joseph Abraham Levi, University of Hong Kong
“Luandino Vieira and Uanhenga Xitu – Resistance and Cultural Identity”
Orquídea Ribeiro, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
“From Eça to Agualusa: The end of Lusotropicalism”
Luis Gonçalves, Columbia University
6.04 Verdun
Homosexual Women in Italian Literature, Cinema and Other Media II (Roundtable)
Chair: Marianna Orsi, Pisa
“Alterità dell’alterità: La rappresentazione lesbica nei romanzi di Igiaba Scego”
Piera Carroli, Australian National University
“Ambigue femme fatale nel cinema italiano”
Cristina Villa, University of Southern California
“Il primo saggio in lingua italiana sulla letteratura lesbica: ‘Orgoglio e privilegio’”
Erika Papagni, University of Toronto
“Curiosità sul fumetto lesbico italiano”
Susanna Scrivo
6.05 Jacques Cartier
William Hogarth: Interpretation and Influence
Chairs: Sara Schotland, Georgetown University; Cecilia Feilla, Marymount Manhattan College
“Engraving Taste: Hogarth’s Early Satires on Theatre and Their Rhetorical Parallelism to Pantomime”
Aubrey Bowser, Independent Scholar
“‘Howgarth’s Witty Chissel’: Hogarth’s Frontispieces For Tristam Shandy
Leann Davis Alspaugh, Independent Scholar
“Hogarth and Fielding: Transcending the Limits of Genre”
Sara Schotland, University of Maryland
6.06 Fundy
The Giallo Italiano from 1945 to the Present
Chair: Andrea Pera, Independent Scholar
“La Torino ‘nera’ di Fruttero e Lucentini fra poliziesco e best-seller di qualità”
Roberto Risso, Università di Torino
“La Genova di Bacci Pagano, dai caruggi alle creuze”
Paola Pettinotti, Independent Scholar
“Salvo Montalbano: un alter ego politico di Andrea Camilleri?”
Andrea Pera, Independent Scholar
6.07 Lachine
Multilingual Texts in the FL Classroom
Chairs: Susanne Even, Indiana University; David Delamatta, Lord Fairfax Community College
“Linguistic Polygamy as a Teachable Moment”
Jörg Meindl, Lebanon Valley College
“The Holocaust in the Classroom: Bridging the Linguistic Divide”
Adam Sacks, Brown University
“Against Clichés: The Challenge of Multilingualism”
Markus Wilczek, Harvard University
6.08 Lasalle
Les pratiques scripturales de la migrance littéraire II
Chair: Marianne Bessy, Furman University
“Hétérolinguisme et écriture fragmentaire: ‘pratiques signifiantes’ de l’écriture migrante”
Simona Emilia Pruteanu, University of Western Ontario
“Hybridité linguistique et culturelle dans les écritures migrantes au Québec”
Carmen Mata Barreiro, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
“Lettres parisiennes. Pratiques épistolaires de la migrance chez Nancy Huston et Leïla Sebbar”
Ann-Sofie Persson, Linköping University
6.09 Salon C
Gender and Performance in 18th-century German Literature
Chairs: Astrid Weigert, Georgetown University; Anna Zimmer, Georgetown University
“Gendered Performance in Goethe’s Römische Elegien
Eleanor ter Horst, Clarion University
“Heinrich von Kleist’s ‘The Marquise von O…’ and the Exhibition of Sincerity”
Daniel Nolan, Northwestern University
“The Queer Consequences of Staging Charlotte von Stein’s Dido
Caroline Weist, University of Pennsylvania
6.10 La Verriere
Re(In)vision of Africa in Contemporary Spanish Texts
Chair: Victoria Ketz, Iona College
“Encounters with Simbad: Poetic Visions of African Others in Jurado’s ‘La muchacha del mar rojo’”
Debra Faszer-McMahon, Seton Hill University
“La novela y la piel negras: Race and Justice in Abasolo’s ‘El color de los muertos’”
Shanna Lino, York University
“Sexual Politics and Race in Mayoral’s ‘La belleza del ébano’”
Victoria L. Ketz, Iona College
6.11 Salon D
The Dramatic Monologue in Hispanic Poetry
Chair: Marlene Gottlieb, Manhattan College
“Toc-toc, ¿Quién es? Blancanieves, al revés”
Maria Elsy Cardona, St. Louis University
“Monólogo interior y reflexión metapoética en la poesía de Aurora Luque”
Josefa Alvarez, LeMoyne College
“El monólogo dramático en la antipoesía de NIcanor Parra”
Marlene Gottlieb, Manhattan College
6.12 Salon E
Responding to Representations of Trauma in Student Essays in College Writing (Roundtable)
Chair: Jeanie Tietjen, Massachusetts Bay Community College
“The Challenges and Opportunities of Responding to Representations of Trauma in Ugandan Classrooms”
Lorelei Blackburn, Michigan State University
“No Response Necessary?: The Ethics of Traumatic Narrative in the Composition Classroom”
Melissa Caldwell, Eastern Illinois University
“Not ‘If’ but ‘When’: Preparing for Traumatic Narrative in the First-Year College Composition”
Jessica Lee, University of Arizona
“Why I came to College: Trauma as Motivation in the College Composition Classroom”
Faye Spencer Maor, Florida A&M University
“Writing on Air: Giving Voice to Traditionally Silenced Populations with Amherst Writers and Artists”
Matt Walsh, Massachusetts Bay Community College
6.13 Salon F
Double Agencies: Parsing Dissent between LGBTQ Studies and Queer Theory
Chair: Raji Singh Soni, Queen’s University-Kingston
“Queer Dissidence and the Ends of Discipline”
Raji Singh Soni, Queen’s University-Kingston
“Love/Die Neighbor: The Political Uses of Queer Love in the Age of Late Capitalism”
Jeremy De Chavez, Queen’s University-Kingston
“Like a Faggot from the Ashes: Allegiance, Agency, and Questions of Citizenship”
William C. Harris, Shippensburg University
6.14 Salon G
Pier Vittorio Tondelli: 30 Years After Altri libertini (Roundtable)
Chair: Sciltian Gastaldi, University of Toronto
“Journeying as Self-Knowledge in Tondelli’s Altri libertini and Camere separate
Stefano Muneroni, University of Alberta
“Tondelli e i generi letterari”
Enrico Minardi, Truman State University
“Tondelli, nel trentesimo anno di Altri libertini
Sciltian Gastaldi, University of Toronto
6.15 Salon H
Literature and Cinema of the Fascist Period
Chairs: Cristiana Furlan, Bishop’s University; Daria Valentini, Stonehill University
“Luigi Chiarelli: The Wavering Fascist”
Maeve Egan, National University of Ireland
“Belle e dannate”
Maria Elena D’Amelio, State University of New York-Stony Brook
“Fictionalizing the City of Romeo and Juliet: Hollywood Movie Industry and the Refashioning of Verona”
Maria D’Annibale, University of Pittsburgh
6.16 St. Lambert
Translating German-Language Literature (Creative)
Chair: Maureen Gallagher, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“The Translator’s Silence”
David Dollenmayer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
“Translating Lou Andreas-Salomé’s The Devil and His Grandmother
Kristine Jennings, Binghamton University
“Translating Tzveta Sofronieva’s Eine Hand Voll Wasser
Chantal Wright, Mount Allison University
6.17 St. Michel
Fun and Games in Medieval France
Chair: Paul Creamer, East Stroudsburg University
“Fun and Games in the Conte du Graal
Paul Creamer, East Stroudsburg University
“La Poésie des Goliards: Humour, Vulgarité et Didactique”
Charles-Louis Morand Métivier, University of Pittsburgh
“Play and Deep Play in the Fabliaux”
Michael Johnson, University of Texas-Austin
6.18 St. Leonard
If We’re Writing about Writing, Then What Kind of Writing Do We Assign?
Chair: Heather Urbanski, Central Connecticut State University
“The In-Class Data Set: Inquiry Papers Using Students’ Own Writing About Writing”
Heather Urbanski, Central Connecticut State University
“Feeling Bodies: The Theory and Practice of Embodied Writing”
Christy Wenger, Lehigh University
“Student Writing as Disciplinary Space”
Adam Katz, Quinnipiac University
6.19 St. Laurent
Black Modernisms: Harlem Renaissance, Negrismo, Negritude
Chair: Christopher Winks, Queens College-CUNY
“Transnational Harlem: Nella Larsen’s Quicksand and Claude McKay’s ‘Home to Harlem’”
Karsten H. Piep, Union Institute & University
“Young, Black, and Modern: ‘Fire!’, Modernism, and the Harlem Renaissance”
Sara Rutkowski, The Graduate Center-CUNY
“From Black Internationalism to Anti-Fascism: Langston Hughes and Rafael Alberti in Mexico City”
Evelyn Scaramella, Yale University
6.20 Westmount
Ecocriticism and Canada I: Queer Nature, (Non)Human Geography, and Biotechnology
Chair: MaryAnne Laurico, Queen’s University
“Emily Carr’s Animals”
Laura McGavin, Queen’s University
“Rocking Cosmopolitanism: Don McKay, Strike/Slip, and the Implications of Geology”
Jesse Patrick Ferguson, University of New Brunswick
“Biotechnology and the Humanities: Poetic DNA and Christian Bök’s ‘The Xenotext Experiment’”
MaryAnne Laurico, Queen’s University
6.21 Mont-Royal
Shakespeare and the Environment
Chair: Miles Taylor, Le Moyne College
“‘Like to a tenement or pelting farm’: Richard II and Stewardship”
Miles Taylor, Le Moyne College
“Timon of Walden”
Todd Borlik, Bloomsburg University
“‘I to the world am like a drop of water’: The Agency of Water in Shakespearean Comedy”
Jean-Francois Bernard, Université de Montréal
6.22 Hampstead
Psychoanalysis and Early Modern English Tragedy
Chair: Mathew Martin, Brock University
Oedipus, Hamlet, and Marlowe’s Dido, Queen of Carthage: Beyond the Pleasure Principle”
Mathew Martin, Brock University
“‘The first voice was not his’: The Law of the Mother in Middleton’s Maiden’s Tragedy
Erin Julian, McMaster University
“Beyond Proto-Psychoanalysis: Reading Romeo and Juliet through Freud and Vives”
Mauricio Martinez, University of Guelph
6.23 Cote-St. Luc
Leon Edel and Henry James Scholarship
Chair: Pierre A. Walker, Salem State College
“Leon Edel’s Transcriptions of Henry James Letters in the Tintner Binders”
Greg W. Zacharias, Creighton University
“Seeing James through his Editors”
Megan Homberg, Boston College
“Leon Edel’s Les Années dramatiques and the Pressure of Poetry on Poetics”
Peter Rawlings, University of the West of England
6.24 Outremount
‘Making Her Meaning Known’: New Scholarship about Audre Lorde
Chair: Kirsten Ortega, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
“Refusing Otherness: Rejecting the Colonizing Gaze in Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy and Audre Lorde's Zami
Shana Scudder, North Carolina State University
“Gay, Black, and Other-ed: ‘Erotic Autonomy’ in Gay African-American Literature”
Jeannette M. E. Lee, Hampshire College
“Seboulisa and Me: Audre Lorde and Feminist Spirituality”
Sharon L. Barnes, University of Toledo
6.25 Le Portage
Looking Back on Activism and American Literature of the Twentieth Century
Chairs: Clare Callahan, Duke University; Sarah Brown, CUNY Graduate Center
“How Do You Spell ‘Modernity?’: Oppen and the Enchantment of Ideology”
David Collins, SUNY Buffalo
“‘What my heart not my mouth has uttered’: Edwin Rolfe and the Body Politic”
Ellen McWhorter, Merrimack College
“(Re)relevance and Social Activism: Don DeLillo on the Subject of Terror”
Phil Swenson, Georgetown College
6.26 Frontenac
If the Lion Could Speak: The Animal Story in North American Literature
Chair: Vincent Guihan, Carleton University
“What it Means to Have Sex With a Bear: Animal Representation in Marian Engel’s Bear
Jaime Denike, Queen’s University
“Bear Naked: Undressing Marian Engel”
Collett Tracey, Carleton University
“Wild Ethics: How to Know Others in Helen Humphreys’ Wild Dogs
Jessica Carey, McMaster University

Session 7

Friday, April 9, 3:00pm-4:30pm

7.01 St. Pierre
Le cinéma français contemporain
Chair: Céline Philibert, SUNY Potsdam
“Une famille formidable”
Annabelle Cone, Dartmouth College
“Lam Lê’s Intercultural and Haptic Cinema”
Hélène Sicard Cowan, Collège Dawson
“Renegotiating French Identity: the Algerian War in Contemporary Cinema”
Nicole Beth Wallenbrock, The City University of New York
“D’ ‘Un monde sans pitié’ à ‘Irrésistible’: le cinéma français contemporain”
Céline Philibert, SUNY Potsdam
7.02 Longueuil
Teaching Contemporary Fiction from the Middle East
Chair: Sally Gomaa, Salve Regina University
“God and Man at Kars: Francis Bacon and the Hidden Symmetries of Snow
Stephen Trainor, Salve Regina University
“Violence and Mourning in Fadia Faqir’s The Cry of the Dove
David Coury, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
“Teaching Arab Literature in Translation”
Mustapha Hamil, University of Windsor
“The Economy of Translation in Naguib Mahfouz’s Children of the Alley
Sally Gomaa, Salve Regina University
7.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
The Myth of Rome
Chair: Victoria Tillson, Harvard University
“Henry VII and the Dream of the Aetas Aurea”
Florence Russo, St. John’s University
“De Romani coeli qualitatibus: Arcadian Poetics and the Rise of Modern Climatology”
Mattia Begali, University of Madison-Wisconsin / Duke University
“The Myth of Rome in Contemporary She-Wolves”
Cristina Mazzoni, University of Vermont
“Rethinking Rome: Cinema and Myth after La dolce vita
Victoria Tillson, Harvard University
7.04 Verdun
Historia y televisión en España
Chair: Teresa Herrera-De la Muela, Allegheny College
Los Desastres de la Guerra, de la analogía histórica a la efeméride.”
Elena Cueto Asín, Bowdoin College
“RTVE como actor histórico: El día más difícil del Rey
Francisca López, Bates College
“A Gleam of History in a Fictional TV Series: Remember When
Elena de la Cuadra Colmenares, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
“La forja de un socialista: Mario Camus adapta a Arturo Barea”
Teresa Herrera-De la Muela, Allegheny College
7.05 Salon C
Being and Thinking as an Academic Mother: Theory and Narrative (Roundtable)
Chairs: Lynn O’Brien Hallstein, Boston University; Sandra Stanko, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“Demeter on Strike: Fierce Motherhood on the Picket Line and the Playground”
Laurie Cellar, Shippensburg University
“In Search of an Academic ‘Wife’: Academic Moms, Domestic Chaos and the Quest”
Dana Shiller, Washington and Jefferson College
“Finding Point Balance: Personal Writing’s Role in the Academic Mother’s Work/Life Challenge”
Sandra Stanko, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“The Conflict of the Tenure Clock and My Biological Clock”
Allison Sinanan, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
“The Baffled Mother: Maternal Puzzlement in Narrative, in Pedagogy, in Academia”
Martha Satz, Southern Methodist University
“Basketball, Skating, and Scholarship: Or How to do Research from the Bench, the Rink, the Car”
Elizabeth Podnieks, Ryerson University
“Contract Faculty Mothers on the Track to Nowhere”
Linda Ennis, York University
7.06 Fundy
Art as Symptom? Yes!
Chair: Jason Berger, University of South Dakota
“Jorie Graham’s Passion for the Reel: The Lyric Subject as Symptom”
Sarah Ehlers, University of Michigan
“Casting Inversion: Freud’s Psychoanalysis and the Photographic Negative”
Ignaz Cassar, University of Leeds
“In Defense of Paranoid Interpretation: Žižek’s Autonomous Aesthetics”
Jason Berger, University of South Dakota
“‘A Gordian Shape of Dazzling Hue’: Assemblages of Color as Chromatic Symptoms in Bacon and Antonioni”
Yen-Chen Chuang, Soochow University
7.07 Lachine
Re-Imagining First-Year Composition (Roundtable)
Chairs: Carol-Ann Farkas, MCPHS; Mary Buchinger Bodwell, MCPHS
“Portfolios, Phase 3: Making Portfolios Work in the FYW Classroom”
Cynthia Martin, James Madison University
“Writing About Writing (WAW) Reinvigorates First-Year Composition”
Laurie McMillan, Marywood University
“Kairos, Tension, and First-Year Composition”
Andrew Ogilvie, Loyola Marymount University
“Re-Imagining First-Year Composition at Western Connectictut State University”
Patrick Ryan, Western Connecticut State University
“Digital Writing in First-Year Composition”
Karen Weingarten, Queens College-CUNY
7.08 Lasalle
The Power of Images: The Ethics and Efficacy of Photography
Chair: Kelly Klingensmith, Western New England College
“Virginia Woolf on Not Regarding the Pain of Others”
Alexandra Neel, Loyola Marymount University
“Negotiating Trauma: The Use of Photography in Comics”
Davida Pines, Boston University
“Effectively Intense, Impossibly Bad Photographs in Autobiography”
Nancy Pedri, Memorial University of Newfoundland
“Giving Cameras to Kids: A Hesitant Turn in (Self-) Representation”
Kelly Klingensmith, Western New England College
7.09 Jacques Cartier
Screening Spanish American Revolutions
Chair: Ilka Kressner, SUNY Albany
“Exporting Pancho Villa: The Mexican Revolution and American Film”
Adela Pineda Franco, Boston University
“‘¡Vámonos con Pancho Villa!’ y ‘La ley de Herodes’: representaciones del fracaso revolucionario”
Krystell Guevara Barrales, Ottawa University
“Distorted Reflections of a Revolution: Carpentier’s and Solás’ ‘Siglos de las Luces’”
Ilka Kressner, SUNY Albany
“Propuestas ideoestéticas del nuevo cine venezolano”
Patricia Valladares-Ruiz, University of Cincinnati
7.10 La Verriere
Poesía y mujer
Chair: María Cristina Campos Fuentes, DeSales University
“‘¿Qué tendrá la princesa?’: Agustini’s Reinvention of the Modernista Feminine”
Sarah Moody, University of Alabama
“La poesía de Carmen Berenguer: Diferencia Chile Mujer”
Liliana Trevizán, SUNY Potsdam
“Nuevos arquetipos femeninos en la poesía de Claribel Alegría”
Andrea Parada, SUNY Brockport
“Maya Cu and the Advent of a Contemporary Maya Women’s Literature in Guatemala”
Rita M. Palacios, California State University-Long Beach
7.11 Salon D
After the Berlin Wall: Rethinking Contemporary Russian and East European Writing
Chair: Vitaly Chernetsky, Miami University
“Naming the Visible: Progress and Egress in Georgi Gospodinov’s Natural Novel
Mihaela Harper, University of Rhode Island
“New Themes in Post-Soviet Baltic Theatre”
Jeff Johnson, Brevard Community College
“Transforming the Cognitive Map of Europe: Yuri Andrukhovych between Sisyphus and Sacher-Masoch”
Vitaly Chernetsky, Miami University
7.12 Salon E
Henry James’s Children
Chair: Elaine Pigeon, Concordia University
“Bad Blood: The Problem with Children in The Portrait of a Lady
Tiffany Aldrich MacBain, University of Puget Sound
“An Aesthetic Education: Art and Childhood in ‘The Author of Beltraffio’”
Maeve Pearson, University of Exeter
“Straighteners and Seeing: Perception and Self-Cultivation in What Maisie Knew
Glenn Clifton, University of Toronto
“Looking After Children: The Turn of the Screw and the Turn-of-the-Century Discourse on the Child”
Phillip Mahoney, Temple University
7.13 Salon F
Methods for Teaching and Improving Conversation in the Second Language (Roundtable)
Chair: Tina Ware, Oklahoma Christian University
“Speed Spanish: Conversation Practice for All Language Levels”
Tina Ware, Oklahoma Christian University
“Teaching Moments: Maximizing Opportunities for Conversational Practice in a Heritage Language Area”
Katharine Harrington, University of Maine-Fort Kent
“Improving Oral Language Development Through Constructive Repetition Tasks in the Classroom”
Claudia Fernández, DePaul University
“The Student as Blogger: Expanding the Opportunities for Teaching Conversation”
Sylvia Rieger, McGill University
“Intermediate Spanish Literature Courses: Can we talk?”
Kathleen O’Donnell, Clarion University
“When Consensus is the Goal”
Gundela Hachmann, Louisiana State University
7.14 Salon G
Beyond Girls in Uniform & Death in Venice: Questioning a Queer German Canon
Chair: Darren Ilett, Michigan State University
“Of Open Secrets and Citation: The Jahrhundertwende’s Queer German Canon”
Yvonne Ivory, University of South Carolina
“The Third Sex and Beyond: Ernst von Wolzogen”
Robert Tobin, Clark University
“Queer Desire, Militarism, and the Fate of Siri-Normann’s Fräulein Kadett
Darren Ilett, Michigan State University
“Silence=Death in Venice: Klaus Mann’s Der fromme Tanz and the Assembly of a Real Queer Canon”
Rick Chamberlin, Lebanon Valley College
7.15 Salon H
Satirical Aesthetics and Subtexts in Contemporary German Literature and Film
Chair: Jill Twark, East Carolina University
“Irony and Subtext in Novels by the ‘Founder’ of Neue Deutsche Popliteratur, Christian Kracht”
Arnim Seelig, McGill University
“Satirical Signification in Texts by Thomas Brussig and Kerstin Hensel”
Garbiñe Iztueta, University of the Basque Country
“Postwall Picaresque Narratives by Brussig, Schulze, and Klonovsky”
Jill Twark, East Carolina University
“The Comic Book Humor of Sonnenallee
Lynn Kutch, Kutztown University
7.16 St. Lambert
Au Croisement: la fermentation intellectuelle dans la littérature maghrébine
Chair: Lora Lunt, SUNY Potsdam
“East and West meet here: Maghrebi literature at the crossroads”
Zakaria Fatih, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
“Isabelle Eberhardt et les émancipations de l’espace-nouvelle chez Leïla Sebbar”
Chadia Chambers Samadi, CUNY
“Maghrébinité, entre binarité et éclatement: Meddeb et Khatibi”
Alaeddine Ben Abdallah, Université d’Ottawa
7.17 St. Michel
Figuring out Fascism
Chair: Marja Harmanmaa, University of Helsinki
“Giving Birth to the Future: Fascism, Dystopia, and Feminine Identity”
Lea Williams, Norwich University
“Fascist Discipline and the Death of Sexology: The Burning at the Stake of Magnus Hirschfeld”
Heike Bauer, University of London
“Western Seekers of a Decadent Age: Mary Butts’ Practice of Esoteric Disciplines”
Ravit H. David, University of Haifa
“Imagining the Fascist Occupation of Greece: Cinematic Constructions from 1965 to 1991”
Thomas Cragin, Muhlenberg College
7.18 St. Leonard
Postcolonial Ecologies
Chair: Elaine Savory, New School University
“Deforestation and the Yearning for Lost Landscapes in Caribbean Literatures”
Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, Vassar College
“Hawaiian Tourism and Indian Water Parks: Understanding Postcolonial Ecocriticism”
Nandita Ghosh, Farleigh Dickinson
“Urban Decay and Environmental Justice in Robinton Mistry’s ‘Such a Long Journey’”
Dana Mount, McMaster University
“Kamau Brathwaite’s Ecopoetic Reading of Barbados in the Frame of Development and Overdevelopment”
Elaine Savory, New School University
7.19 St. Laurent
Uncovering the Irish Woman in Early 20th Century Fiction
Chair: Elizabeth O’Connor, Fordham University
“Mad Language, Convention, and Myth-making in the works of Rachilde and George Egerton”
Ria Banerjee, CUNY Graduate Center
“‘Caught between Warring Factions’: Female Adolescence in The Last September
Sara Gerend, Aurora University
“Irish Civil War Orphans: Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September
Seamus O’Malley, CUNY Graduate Center
“‘Packages’ or People: The Conflicted Representation of Women in Kate O’Brien’s Early Fiction”
Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, Fordham University
7.20 Westmount
Shakespeare’s Cougars
Chair: Marlene Clark, The City College of New York
“Titiana, Feminine Desire, and the Early Modern Cougar”
Emma Perry, Boston College
“‘She’s a Man Eater’: The Character of Tamora in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus
Christa Mahalik, Quinnipiac University
“‘She Makes Hungry Where Most She Satisfies’: Cleopatra as Cougar”
Yvette Kisor, Ramapo College of New Jersey
“Gertrude’s Troublesome ‘Pounce’”
Marlene Clark, City College of New York-CUNY
7.21 Mont-Royal
African American Autobiography & the Archives: Teaching Students to Be Scholars
Chair: Rhondda Robinson Thomas, Clemson University
“Revising the Canon: Reconsidering Early Diasporic Narratives and the Diasporic Literary Tradition”
Fran L. Lassiter, Montgomery County Community College
“Big Dogs Eat the Little Dogs: Literary Archives and the Politics of Recovery and Recognition”
Elizabeth Simoneau, Emory University
“‘A simple story of service’?: Addressing Discrepancies between Autobiography & the Archives”
Rhondda Robinson Thomas, Clemson University
“Movement Widows and the Many Uses of Autobiography and the Archives”
Brenda Tindal, Emory University
7.22 Hampstead
Delineating the Contemporary in American Literature (Roundtable)
Chair: Andrew Schopp, SUNY Nassau Community College
“Figure and Ground: Locating the Contemporary”
William Waddell, St. John Fisher College
“Zeitgeist: the Reader’s Digest version”
Allison Cummings, Southern New Hampshire University
“The New Mediality of Millenial American Prose”
Daniel Tripp, Frostburg State University
“Postethnic America?: Narrating Multigenerational Ethnic-American Identity in the Early 21st Century”
Ben Railton, Fitchburg State College
“A New Sincerity: Have We Moved Beyond the Postmodern?”
Kimberly Freeman, Northeastern University
“Contemporary American Literature: Literature(s) of Conflict?”
Matthew Hill, Coppin State University
7.23 Cote-St. Luc
In-betweenness in Adolescent Literature
Chair: Lisa Perdigao, Florida Institute of Technology
“The In-Betweenness of Adolescence as Trauma”
Meg Woolbright, Siena College
“Psychotherapy as Potential Space in Young Adult Fiction”
Kabi Hartman, Franklin & Marshall College
“Ways to Get Between: Negative Dialectics in China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun
Alan Rosiene, Florida Institute of Technology
“Navigating the Borderlands in Neil Gaiman’s Adolescent Literature”
Tara Parmiter, New York University
7.24 Outremount
Teaching Early Native American Literature
Chair: John Kucich, Bridgewater State College
“Interweaving Voices: Teaching Captivity from a Multidisciplinary Perspective”
Evelyn Navarre, SUNY Buffalo
“Thresholds of Change: Reconsidering Caleb Cheeshateaumauk’s ‘Honoratissimi Benefactores’”
Drew Lopenzina, Sam Houston State University
“The Christian Indians: Wrestling with Conversion in the Native American Literature Classroom”
Karen Waldron, College of the Atlantic
“Local Knowledge: The Pedagogy of Engagement and the Politics of Native Studies”
John Kucich, Bridgewater State College
7.25 Le Portage
The Role of Non-Tenure Track Faculty in the Academy (Roundtable)
Chair: Mary Ann Tobin, Triton College
“Faculty Development Programs: A Key to Part-time Faculty Satisfaction?”
Rhonda S. Filipan, Kent State University
“Adjunct Peer Mentoring: Rewarding with Respect and Responsibility”
Cynthia Henderson, The College of Lake County
“Upstairs, Downstairs: The Adjunct ‘At-Home’ in the Academy”
Denise Witzig, Saint Mary’s College of California
“Service: A Way to Keep Your Sanity”
Elizabeth Anderman, University of Colorado-Boulder
7.26 Frontenac
‘Theres nothing so sensible as sensual inundation’: Mary Oliver’s Poetics
Chair: Jeannette Riley, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
“Reading Mary Oliver into the ‘schoolhouse / of little words / thousands of words’”
Sheila Cordner, Boston University
“‘There Are A Lot of Mockingbirds In This Book’: Mary Oliver and the Academic’s Dilemma”
Sara Lundquist, University of Toledo
“Mary Oliver, the Tradition, and the Individual Student”
Don Reese, Brimmer and May
“Walking the Ground: Mary Oliver’s Poetics”
Jeannette Riley, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Session 8

Friday, April 9, 4:45pm-6:15pm

8.01 St. Pierre
Queer Ecocriticism and Literature (Roundtable)
Chairs: Jill Anderson, University of Mississippi; Meg Holland, University of Pennsylvania
“The Nature of Ecoqueerdom”
Mike Perez, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
“Queering Medieval Natures”
Matthew Scribner, Queen’s University
“‘Not One to Manacle Nature’: Ecocritical Notes on Post-Transsexual Literature”
Nicole Seymour, University of Louisville
“Generative Motion: Queer Ecology as a Process of Becoming”
Sallie Anglin, University of Mississippi
“Queering the All-American Diet: The Queer Ecology of Ruth Ozeki’s Novels”
Laura Anh Williams, Purdue University
8.02 Longueuil
Our Monsters, Ourselves
Chair: Elizabeth Harris McCormick, LaGuardia Community College-CUNY
“Spectacle of the Dead: Situationist Vampires in True Blood
James McLeod, University of Sydney
“‘Hideous Progeny’: Frankenstein, Gods and Monsters, Film Adaptation, and Portraits of Exile”
Julie Grossman, Le Moyne College
“Rethinking Vampire Technology: Octavia E. Butler’s Fledgling and Monster Theory”
Heather Cyr, Queen’s University
“Infected Text: The Dissolution of the Individuated Subject in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies ”
Simon Orpana, McMaster University
8.03 Pointes-aux-Trembles
Un mundo al revés: la re-escritura de cuentos infantil
Chair: Cristina Santos, Brock University
“A Question of Gender in Charles Perrault’s ‘Sleeping Beauty in the Wood’”
Edilene Ribeiro Batista, Universidade Federal do Tocantins
“Scherezada desenmascarada en la obra de Isabel Allende: La inversión de roles tradicionales”
Myriam Martel, Ryerson University
“Maria Elena Walsh y su aporte innovador a la literatura infantil argentina”
Silvia Belén-Ramos, Fairleigh Dickinson University
“Esta es la vida y Hades nos acompaña: la re-escritura de cuentos infantiles en Luisa Valenzuela”
Adriana Spahr, Grant MacEwan University
8.04 Verdun
The Publishing Revolution: Creating Textbook Content with Web 2.0 Tools
Chair: Andrés Villagrá, Pace University
“The Electronic Portfolio as Assessment Tool and More: The Drake University Model”
Marc Cadd, Drake University
“The Spanish Lounge de Pace University: A Content-Creation and Web 2.0 Initiative in Collaboration”
Andrés Villagrá, Pace University
“Web-Based Learning Environment: An Alternative to a Coursebook”
Marcin Kleban, Jagiellonian University
“Leaving the Publisher Out of the Loop-- Online German-Language Curriculum”
Louise Stoehr, Stephen F. Austin State University
8.05 Jacques Cartier
The Interplay of Literature, Music, Theater, Cinema and the Visual Arts
Chair: Marco Cerocchi, La Salle University
“Funzioni semantiche e metatestuali della musica nelle novelle del Decameron”
Marco Cerocchi, La Salle University
“Giuditta: personaggio biblico, letterario e pittorico”
Snjezana Smodlaka, Independent Scholar
“Still Figures: Neera’s ‘Fotografie matrimoniali’ and The Epistemology of Photography”
Silvia Valisa, Florida State University
“Madame Bovary sono io: ‘Resto Umano’ (1913) e l’audience femminile ai tempi del cinema muto”
Georgina Torello, Universidad de la República
8.06 Fundy
Seeing Things: Dreams, Visions and Hallucinations
Chair: Anna Strowe, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Seeing and Knowing in Pasolini’s Edipo Re and Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus
Barry Spence, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“In-sight of Things: Analysis of the Relation between Subjectivity and Reality in His Master’s Voice
Burcu Yasemin Seyben, Istanbul Bilgi University
“‘a deranged house is a pretty conceit’: Hallucinating Madness in The Haunting of Hill House
Justine Lutzel, Bowling Green State University
“Afraid of the Dark: The Visionary Mind in Thomas Nashe’s Terrors of the Night
Melissa M. Caldwell, Eastern Illinois University
8.07 Lachine
William Blake and His Influence
Chair: Josephine McQuail, Tennessee Technological University
“‘Voces Clamandae’: Bolcom’s Recreations of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Madeleine Vala, University of Puerto Rico
“‘There’s Nothing In It’: Blake, Ekphrasis, and the Modern Music Video”
Jason T. Clemence, Tufts University
“A New Jerusalem in Spandex: Blakean Ideology and Alan Moore’s Superheroic Deconstructionism”
Jason Kolkey, Loyola University
“Blake and Yeats: Influence and Deviation”
Rachel Billigheimer
8.08 Lasalle
Where Are We Now? The Evolution of Women’s, Gender and Feminist Studies (Roundtable)
Chair: Sophie Lavin, SUNY Stony Brook
“I Remember Women's Studies Before There was Women's Studies: Watching Women's Studies Evolve”
Lynn O'Brien Hallstein, Boston University
“What Do Women Want? (R)Evolution and the Catholic Campus”
Denise Witzig, Saint Mary’s College of California
“Global Programs and Localized Responses: The Ordination of Women Priests in the Church of Ireland”
Christine O’Dowd-Smyth, Waterford Institute of Technology
“Forever Cross-Listed: Teaching Women’s Studies in other Departments”
Rita Bode, Trent University
“Past & Present: Women’s Studies”
Karen Stein, University of Rhode Island
8.09 Salon C
Rewriting and Reinventing the American West in German Culture
Chair: Maureen Gallagher, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“The GDR’s Imaginary Indians”
Petra Watzke, Washington University in St. Louis
“The Man, the Myth, the Cowboy King: The Adventures of Billy Jenkins”
Diane Liu, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Going Native? - ‘Indians’ in/and German Fantasies of the American West”
Stefanie Ohnesorg, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
“Land of Fantasy, Land of Fiction: Klara May’s America”
Maureen Gallagher, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
8.10 La Verriere
Literature and Science: A Reciprocal Exchange?
Chair: Rebekah Sheldon, Graduate Center-CUNY
The Melancholy Science and the Science of Melancholy”
Derrick Gentry, Graduate Center-CUNY
“The Romance of Science and Time”
Hilary Binda, Tufts University School of the Museum of Fine Arts
“Ethology and Literary Ethics”
Daniel Wilson, Cornell University
8.11 Salon D
Seeking a Postmodern God: Figures of the Absent Center in Contemporary Writing
Chairs: Magdalena Maczynska, Marymount Manhattan College; Christopher Coffman, Boston University
“Postmodern Sacrality and Thomas Pynchon’s Recent Fiction”
Christopher Coffman, Boston University
“God Is the Voice that Says, ‘I am not here’: Don DeLillo’s Falling Man
Linda Kauffman, University of Maryland
“I-I: Creating a Third Dialogic Category in Jewish American Literature”
Lily Corwin, Kutztown University
“‘Let’s be Other People’: Derrida’s Autoimmunity and the Novels of Leonard Cohen”
Adam Langton, University of Western Ontario
8.12 Salon E
Immigration Stories
Chair: Lauren Shaw, Elmira College
“Always Becoming: Immigrants Rethinking Place and Ethnicity through Storytelling”
Esteban Loustaunau, Assumption College
“Maya USA: Stories of Resistance from Indigenous Guatemalan Immigrants”
Eduardo Jiménez Mayo, Cornell University
“Global Migrations and Identity Constructions in Cristina García’s The Agüero Sisters
Joseph Viera, Nazareth College
When the Spirits Dance Mambo: African Tradition in the Puerto Rican Diaspora”
Michele Dávila Gonçalves, Salem State College
8.13 Salon F
Russian Women Writers: New Views
Chair: Diana Greene, Bobst Library, New York University
“Teaching Karolina Pavlova and Russian Literature”
Francoise Rosset, Wheaton College
“Contested Endings: Karolina Pavlova’s Tale ‘Razdel’ and the Alternative Literary Tradition”
Diana Greene, Bobst Library, New York University
“Everyday Fantastic: Nina Sadur and (en)Gendered Trauma”
Antje Postema, University of Chicago
“‘When in the night, I wait for her impatient...’: The Muse in the Poetry of Anna Akhmatova”
Nadezda Korcagina, University of Alberta
8.14 Salon G
Re-Approaching the ‘Patriarch’ in Asian North American Literature
Chair: Brian Guan-rong Chen, Laurentian University at Georgian College
“Race and the Corporeality of the Father in Asian American Fiction”
Hyo Kim, Medgar Evers College-CUNY
“Inscrutable Violence: Susan Choi’s A Person of Interest and Deviant Asian Masculinity”
Geoff Hamilton, Universty of Toronto-Mississauga
“Event and Writing: Justice, Mercy and an Ethics of Co-Existence in Joy Kogawa’s The Rain Ascends
Shounan Hsu, National University of Tainan
8.15 Salon H
Translation and Pedagogy (Roundtable)
Chair: Marella Feltrin-Morris, Ithaca College
“Student Perceptions of Translation and Composition Assignments”
Beatriz Pariente-Beltrán, Mount Holyoke College and University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“The Use of Translation in Language Classes at the Advanced Level”
Stéphanie Ravillon, Brown University
“Reconsidering the Traditional Pedagogical Process in Teaching Translation”
Kathryn Radford, McGill University
“At the Crossroads: A Seminar on Translation for Undergraduates at SUNY Potsdam”
Oscar Sarmiento, SUNY Potsdam
“Translation as Apprenticeship: The Translator’s Archive”
María Constanza Guzmán, York University
8.16 St. Lambert
Transcending the Binaries: Re-conceptualizing Heimat and Fremde (Roundtable)
Chair: Maria S. Grewe, John Jay College-CUNY
“Heimatlose Grenzgänger? Von Multikultigelaber’ in Yadé Karas Cafe Cyprus und Selam Berlin
Gabriele Eichmanns, Carnegie Mellon University
“On Binaries and Oppositions: An ‘interkulturelle Germanistik’ Approach to ‘Fremd’ and ‘Heimat’”
Maria S. Grewe, John Jay College-CUNY
“Subversive Instability – ‘Heimat’ and ‘Fremde’ in Shirin Kumm’s Novels”
Rebecca Hügler, Queen’s University
“The ‘Virtual Alsatian’: Transnational Identity in André Weckmann’s Literature”
Jörg Meindl, Lebanon Valley College
8.17 St. Michel
Elles réécrivent leur H/histoire(s) entre le particulier et le collectif
Chair: Nevine El Nossery, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Narrating a Plural Self: Collective Autobiography in Leila Sebbar’s Journal”
Alexandra Gueydan-Turek, Swarthmore College
“H/histoire(s) racontées par un « je/nous » féminin postcolonial”
Samira Farhoud, St. Thomas University
“La réécriture de l’Histoire au féminin: entre le témoignage et la fiction”
Nevine El Nossery, Universtiy of Wisconsin-Madison
“Discours romanesque et historicité signifiante : Aventure individuelle et destin collectif”
Siham Guettafi, Université Med Kheider Biskra
8.18 St. Leonard
Littératures en langue française: quoi de neuf?
Chair: Annik Doquire Kerszberg, Lock Haven University
“True Life: Jean Rolin on Globalization, Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Diasporic Identities”
Laura Call, Pennsylvania State University
“‘Nous n’avons pas le même pays’: Race and Identity in Recent Works by Marie Ndiaye”
Deborah Gaensbauer, Regis University
“Globalization, Multi-Culturalism and the Self in van Cauwelaert’s Novels”
Gérard Beck, George Mason University
“Barely There: Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s Minimalist Autobiographical Writing”
Arcana Albright, Albright College
8.19 St. Laurent
NeMLA Diversity Committee Forum
Chairs: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University; Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, Temple University
8.20 Westmount
Unearthing Ephemera: Retrieving the Extra-Poetic Work of 20th-C American Poets
Chair: Lindsey Freer, CUNY Graduate Center
“The Letters are Poetry, Too: Edward Dorn and Amiri Baraka”
Claudia Pisano, CUNY Graduate Center
“The Age of Lead: Kenneth Koch, Frank O’Hara, and the Making of ‘Fresh Air’”
Josh Schneiderman, Hunter College
“‘Exploring’ ‘form’: Alice Notley’s Collage Artwork as Background for The Descent of Alette”
Lindsey Freer, CUNY Graduate Center
“The Poetics of RANDomness”
Seth Perlow, Cornell University
8.21 Mont-Royal
Romancing America: Authorship, National Identity, and the Writing of Historical
Chair: Sean Kelly, Wilkes University
“Irving and the ‘Spirit of Place’: American Mythos, History and Authorship in ‘Rip Van Winkle’”
Sean Kelly, Wilkes University
“The Transformation of the Author in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland
KiYoon Jang, Texas A&M University
“Hawthorne’s ‘Legends of the Province House’: Narrative Visibility and the National Politic”
Peter Zogas, University of Rochester
“Irving’s Sketch Book: Bachelorhood, Family Life, and National Identity”
John Dolis, Pennsylvania State University-Scranton
8.22 Hampstead
Individual and Collective Memory in Contemporary Multi-Ethnic Literature
Chair: Shari Evans, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
“Chaos and Loss of Women’s Collectivity in Kathy Acker’s Novels.”
Pamela June-Rodgers, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“‘Legends from Camp’: Lawson Inada and the Memory of Japanese American Internment”
Jeff Gibbons, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
“Home Interrupted: Memory in Ana Menendez’s ‘Her Mother’s House’”
Ana Luszczynska, Florida International University
“Restor(y)ing the Self: Memory and Performance in Louise Erdrich’s The Last Report
Shari Evans, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
8.23 Cote-St. Luc
Technical/ Professional Writing for Undergraduates (Roundtable)
Chair: Maria Plochocki, University of Baltimore
“Pitching and Batting on the Creative Field: Ruling Exceptions in Technical Communication”
Sandra Staton-Taiwo, Pennsylvania State University-York
“Writing and Technology: Attitudes and Applications from Andhra Pradesh, India”
Robbie Clipper Sethi, Rider University
“Creating and Teaching the Professional Writing Program at Ohio Northern University”
Jonathan Pitts, Ohio Northern University
“Engaging Real World Issues: A Model for Teaching Required Undergraduate Business Writing Courses”
Adam Lloyd, University of Maryland-College Park
“Classroom as Corporation: A Concrete Approach to Teaching Professional Writing”
Michael Cadwallader, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
8.24 Le Portage
CAITY Reception and Business Meeting
Chair: Elizabeth Anderman, University of Colorado-Boulder
8.25 Frontenac
Female Absence and Expressions of Black Masculinity
Chair: Lynn R. Johnson, Dickinson College
“‘O give me my mother!’: Jermain W. Lougen, Masculinity, and Sentimental Separations”
Jenn Williamson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“Maternal Absence and Black Masculinity in Gloria Naylor’s ‘Miss Maple’s Blues’”
Elizabeth T. Hayes, Le Moyne College
“Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins: The Domesticated Detective”
Owen E. Brady, Clarkson University
“Constructions of Black Masculinity Within the Walled Spaces”
Debarati Biswas, The Graduate Center-CUNY